Girls, does my ex still like me?

title says it im curious if my ex still likes me. we broke up about two weeks ago over bs. i tried going no contact with her for a week

-she asked me to meet up with her for a drink asked me why made a comment about how i haven't contacted her in a few days and said better text me tomorow

- we met up to watch the game the other night i thought she she was talking to someone, just the way she talked to him when she answered the phone. she answered with baby but when i left her place she said the same thing to me. i thought things were over and i was prepared to move on

- she still calls me pretty frequently just to talk about random stuff. ie she asked about bringing her cats over to meet my dog- like why would you ask that seems like your looking for a reaosn to talk come over. also sent her a text the other day because i was doing something in her hometown. she texts me but then immediately calls me and it turned into a 30 min phone call which i had to end. if she wasn't still interested would she leave it at a text? also called me today to talk randomly to talk about bs also sent me a picture of her at the salon i was working out so couldnt respond and instead of waiting for a response she called me twice when i didn't respond

note we have been friends for 14 years so I don't know if that makes a dif. are these good signs or am i overthinking things? if you just broke up with an ex and were seeing someone else would you call and contact your ex like she is

Girls, does my ex still like me?
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