He calls me every day but hasn't asked me out?

I met this guy last week, we went out, had a great time and kissed. Since then, he's been calling me every day, calling me baby etc but hasn't asked me out.. Every time he calls, he asks me about my plans for the night, if I say I haven't made any plans yet, he starts saying oh, shall we do this, but I am tired etc etc and nothing happens. On Thursday I said I might be going to this bar, he said I want to come because I want to see you, he called me when I was actually at the bar and said I am tired but I want to see you if I come I'll text you. He didn't. On Friday he said what are you doing tonight, I said I don't know yet, you? He said do you have any suggestions? I said I am too tired and maybe a relaxed evening? he went home and called me at midnight and I text him back that I was out. On Sunday he came back from a trip late, he called me on his way back, he was really sweet and called me when he got home but nothing about meeting up. His mum is in hospital and he is going through a rough time, but I can't imagine anyone not having one hour to see someone if interested? On Saturday he did say that he is not in a good mood lately but when he gets better he let it imply that it will be fun... What should I do? Is he playing around? He makes me feel like I have to suggest directly to him and I am used to men asking women out, especially so early in getting to know someone..


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  • If I'm reading your question correctly, then there have been times where he has asked you out and you said you were too tired. If this is the case, then you two just haven't had a chance to cross paths yet. However, as a guy I know that if you truly like someone the fact that he is in contact with you daily and not simply proposing sex means that he likes you. If I were you I would make it clear that you really want to see him and make a date and time that he is comfortable with. If he won't get specific then he's probably a flake who wants to hang out with his friends more than you. However, your persistance could turn him and get him really excited to finally meet up with. Either way you will get the true answer you are looking for which is, does this guy like me or not?

    Also keep in mind that if he has asked you to come out and you said you were too tired he could have taken that as a rejection. That probably made him think that you thought he was desperate which would definately make him act aloof in order to spur your interest


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  • Through my experience the guys like THIS are players...they can never come out and actaully ask what you are doing on a day in the future...why?..because they prob are talking to other people as well...he is doing what every other guy(who I figured out was dating around) use to do to me..it seems like you did say "no I'm tierd a few times", but personally I think at that point he should have gone "so how about saturday then, will make it a date"..he doesn't seem to be taking this thing serious at all...which is another reason why I feel he is dating around..AND TEXTING YOU AT MIDNIGHT? where the heck was he all night? he obviously didn't want to get caught up in a relaxed evening...i don't know this guy seems a little fishy, I mean its only the first week, usually you can't get the men off of you the first week..go with your gut..if your gut is telling you there's something wrong..then your usually right

    • Totally second that.

      had a bad experience with a guy like this.

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