No hug at the end of a great date?

I just got home from a really great date

We saw a play, then didn't want to end the date, so we got ice cream and still didn't want to end the date so we went to a party- this was like a 7 hour date. He drove me home and we said we wanted to do it again but he made absolutely no move to hug me. When we pulled up to my house in my experience a guy turns the car off at least to talk a bit and plan the next date. He didn't turn the car off or take off his seat belt. Why wouldn't he at least try to hug goodbye when we had a great date and have a date planned for this weekend?
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I asked for his number then asked him out. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt he had a good time. So I'm not so much worried as I just thought it was weird I mean I've always gotten hugs even from dates that went really badly. I was just wondering if some guys do get that nervous that they can't hug or something
No hug at the end of a great date?
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