The really long hug after a second date

I had a second date with a very nice young lady. In short we had a quick dinner, and we talked for around 4 hours. Her eyes tell me she likes least I think. Anyway When we said our goodbyes. it came...the really long close hug... bodies pressed up to each other. Ya know not the ass out hug . I brushed my cheek against hers to try to let her know I wanted to give her a kiss...bam nothing.

She did say she wants to take things slow, which I'm totally down for since she just got divorced, We met online by the way, and she tells me she gets messages and sometimes replies to them...she did say that I'm the only one she actually met. We do talk regularly but every day. What do yall think is she playing the field or just making sure I'm not a rebound?

Even my gut instinct is confused


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  • well I don't think she's playing with you she migh tjust want things to go slow.

  • she is just taking things slow, don't stress about it


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