Held hands and hugged on the second date but didn’t kiss?

It’s technically our 3rd date, but I count the first one as more as a hang out since the word date wasn’t really established and we both weren’t sure of each other’s intentions.

She expresses clear interest over text, and over text has explicitly said that I’m cute, that she is into me, and has even told me “you can hold my hand if you want to.” I act the exact same way back.

Anyway, in the first 2 times we saw each other I didn’t do anything romantic. We just spoke for hours and laughed and vibes were immaculate. She said she actually liked this because she preferred taking things slow.

This is the first date where I established contact. We went to the zoo and when we came back to the city centre they were playing some crappy indie films so she bought us some juice and we sat down watching them for an hour. She asked me to feel her hands to see how cold they are, I said I can warm them up if you want and she offered me her hand. We sat there making each other laugh for ages just holding hands.

Unfortunately she had to go home early, and she had to catch the train but since we’re at different platforms this was where we split up. I was really debating kissing her, but because I took too long she just kind of said ok I really have to go now and went in for a hug that lasted a few seconds and then left. On her way out she said I’ll see you again whenever.

After she texted me and said she had the best time ever.

I don’t know why but I got kind of weird vibes at the end which have unsettled me.

I’m worried I really should’ve went in for a kiss when we were just sitting together holding hands earlier and sharing an intimate moment.

This is the most romantic contact we’ve had by the way, before this we’d never directly held hands in a clearly romantic manner or hugged like this.

Do you guys think I have anything to worry about, or is this just the standard progression? It’s not the full depth of it but the general gist is here.

Held hands and hugged on the second date but didn’t kiss?
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