How would you define a "Classy" guy/gal?

I went to my favorite spot on a date the other night and a bunch of my friends saw us. The next morning I met one of them during our usual brunch and he asked how my date went. I shrugged. He volunteers that he didn't think that this guy was "a good fit" for me -- that we didn't look right together. He says "a girl like you should be with someone who's classy like you." I gave him a wry look. To me classy is an illusion; the guys I used to think of as classy just wanted to date the hot little numbers just like any other guy. My friend chuckled and walked away when I told him this, so I'm left wondering what "classy" really means.

So I a few questions now:

(1) What would you say are the qualities or traits of a "classy" guy/girl?

(2) Would you say that classy people are easy to meet?

(3) Where would you meet such a person if you're not independently wealthy?
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Hmm... link
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WOW, lots of great answers to choose from. Hmm. Eenie, meenie, miney, moe for BA?
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Went out with a guy who's "from a good family" and "rolling in it," but was completely disgusted by his utter lack of class. I ended up paying for dinner just so I could get out of there ASAP.
How would you define a "Classy" guy/gal?
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