Why does he always wait for me to initiate contact?

Okay there's this guy I kinda like. It took me a while to like accept to go on dates with him. He introduced me to his friends is very open and chivalrous and I'm good to him but not open. I'm kinda a private person. He just kind of backed off all together. Here's the thing whenever I contact him, he is always down to hang out and see me, but why doesn't he initiate? Or does he feel like the ball is in my court since he already showed interest. I feel like I'm doing all the chasing at the moment. Also, he always seems to bring a human shield, what's up with that? When he complains I don't open up, I'm supposed to go all dear john when his friend is there.


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  • Maybe he's interpreting you being private and not open differently. What I mean is maybe in his mind he would feel like a bother if he initiated any kind of contact which is why he waits to hear from you.

    • COuld be sounds about right or maybe he just lost interest and is just being polite but still wants to be friends.

What Girls Said 1

  • dont chase anymore,u need to know how much of an effort he puts in to you so you can proceed with him,ya he chased you first but back off and let him do the chasing,its a natural thing for the man to chase down his woman,then it should turn into mutual chasing,if you do it too much he will take you for granted


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