Never initiates contact with me but seems interested when I initiate contact. Does he like me?

I asked him out (for a few weeks from now) and he said yes, and he gave me his mobile number (I didn't ask for it). We've been texting since then, from 5 mins - 2 hrs conversations, but I always send the first text message in any conversation we have. He is happy to answer almost any question that I ask, including personal questions. And sometimes he apologises for not texting me first, but he never does text me first. I'm not sure if he is just being shy, or if he is unsure how to start a conversation - he is like that in person, but I thought he might be different over text message. Sometimes he sees a message then takes hours to reply - but he will apologise when he does so and explain that he was busy. Anyway, at the moment it feels like I'm doing all the chasing and I want to know: how can I tell if he is actually interested in me?

Extra info:
He has only had one girlfriend before, and he was with her for 3 years.
He has been single for the last 2 years and I have known him for about a year now.
I know that he is only interested in dating for marriage and that he doesn't do casual dating.

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Should I just keep talking to him and expect him to gradually start conversations with me?
Actually, I saw him tonight and he looked at me so tenderly that I'm sure he does like me.


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  • Ok, so him not initiating conversations could mean tons of things. It could mean that he is shy or second guessing himself or his deservance for your interaction. He could simply not know how to start the conversation. He could just not be the kind of person who starts the conversation. The fact that you're the one asking him out on dates is a shaking fact (I'm old fashioned, think that the guy should ask the girl out and pay... etc.) But, he just might be that kind of guy. Something that you could do is just try talking to him about what you're asking on here. Ask him about why you're the one initiating, but be sensitive and don't press the question too hard.
    ***This opinion is kind of vague, but it is for a reason. You should assess the situation and decide the best course of action. If you gain more information or something happens you can always come back here, or message me.***

    • He has actually asked me out twice since I put up this question, but only once I was already talking with him. I know it's weird for the girl to ask the guy out, but he had been showing signs of being attracted to me so I thought it was worth the chance.

      I might just ask him gently :)

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    • Then work with him on it, be gentle. Break him out of his shell.

    • Hopefully I can do it right :)

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  • If you date him, will it be with the intention of ultimately marrying, provided you do not wish to end your relationship?

    • Yes, I only date if I see the guy as a marriage prospect.

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