Should your date apologize for a late text?

If a guy asks a girl out via text and she replies + 24 hours late, should she apologize?


A. "Sorry for the late text, I had to do this (etc.). Saturday works!"

B. "Sorry for the late text. Saturday works!"

C. "Saturday works, where should we meet?"

  • Yes, she should apologize and explain why.
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  • Yes, she should just apologize but doesn't have to explain why.
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  • No, as long as she responds at least 24 hours before the date.
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  • I vote "D". To be polite you can or should reply. Explain yourself to a 'date' versus a wife/husband/fiance? No.

    That is the thing with younger aged people anymore. What ever happened to using the phone to talk? Young people think that everyone lives on their phone and via text or Facebook. I use all these convenience granted, but if someone does not reply or answer they are probably doing something else, in the middle of something or God forbid, actually working without their phone in their hands...

    With-in 24 hour is acceptable. If someone asked me by text out on a date I would tell them if they were serious they could call me. What are they going to do breakup with you via Facebook or text. Yes computers are great but they should not replace normal conversation.

    • I'm with you in wishing most people used phones to talk too... But my generation goes by the rules of if you receive via text, you respond via text.

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    • Hmm. There's a lot of trepidation there, especially if you haven't talked vocally with the person for more than a week... I've tried it before, and most people of my generation find it to be odd I've noticed, though those were mostly friends that were girls. Haven't done so with a guy. Any way to convince me that the benefits outweigh the risks that will come from doing so?

    • I have gotten more dates and sexual partners from Analog then Digital and I was programing computers and using BBS's when Commodore64's and Radio Shack T1000's were the best things...

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  • Yes you should defenetly apologize IF YOU WANT TO DATE THIS GUY. if you don't then he will understand you don't want to date him because you did not answer. So yea tell the truth I guess, if you where actually busy cause of work, tell him that. Don't lie, if you care. Just tell him why you actually couldn't answer if you like him and wanna go out with him, he will understand. But if you do it too many times he will pull away, so if it happens again text him hey I'm at work ill text you later ok? don't wait until the next day to apologize (THIS IS IF IT HAPPENS TOO MANY TIMES) THE FIRST TIME ITS OK TO APOLOGIZE LATER.

    • Really good answer. In your opinion, should reasons be specific or can they be general?

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    • yes that is OK, I mean call him and tell hime yea I'm sorry this is what happened but when are we meeting the? somithing like that, people think about what "he or she is going to think if I do this or that", dont, of course if you are doing something obviosly wrong the do think about it ha ha you know what I mean? but anyways you are not gonna look weird for calling and explaining, he will know you care this way and that you actually wanna go out.

    • in any case you can esxplain what happen through text or call, he might like you to call him better but the text is fine.

  • If you want to date the guy, of course. Apparently common courtesy doesn't exist anymore..

    If you weren't getting some incredibly embarassing surgey or something a reason shouldn't kill you to send. Unless you want him to feel or think you don't want to date him, give him a reason, apologize and say something like; can't wait... not 'oh Saturday is OK I guess'.

    • "Can't wait" should be said even if it's a first or second date? And secondly, should reasons be specific or can general reasons be used, such as "been swamped all day..."? Because really, sometime newbies in dating like me just don't text back asap because they are thinking of the "perfect response"... and by no means should that be said haha!

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    • Thanks so much for responding. Haha, yes I admit, the phone thing is a bit iffy... Was secretly hoping I could get away with

    • No problem, hope all goes well =p.

  • either A or B.

    While I would like it if she just said if she told me why exactly, It is not manditory. If it is something I should know, she would tell me.

  • it's courteous to explain why and apologize, so yes.

  • I think it'd be normal to apologize but it's not important, I wouldn't be angry or anything if she didnt


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