Sent her a really good flirty text, but no response? ideas?

Real short and sweet scenario:

So I'm texting this girl and at one point she told me that she's looking into some sort of science major for her future career

I texted back saying "Well you could start by finding out the science behind your beautiful looks :D"

she never replied. I'm guessing she's a bit shy, but any opinions?

And note we're teens if that makes any difference

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Iono.. if she didn't respond, she probably felt awkward that you said that and doesn't know how to respond. So either she isn't interested at all, or she doesn't know how to react to that. Maybe just wait for her to respond before you say anything else!

    good luck!

    • By "feeling awkward and not knowing how to respond" do you mean she's not interested? or literally what you put, that she doesn't know how to respond? lol

      What should I do to avoid her feeling uncomfortable like this(cause now I know its too soon to flirt)? I assume simply getting to know her more should suffice right?

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What Girls Said 4

  • lucky girl, she better respond to such a flattering comment!

    • haha thanks, it was so original too, straight outa my mind.

      it still kinda bugs me that she didn't reply, should I text like the next day and start a casual conversation? I don't think anything bad happened... but still you never know

    • I don't see why not. From personal experience, the girl usually doesn't text first. Besides, tomorrow you may solve this unanswered question to whether this particular girl is worth the chase.

  • she just isn't that into you!

  • haha... been there, seen that. Don't worry mate. It's just how our minds work. Guy flirts for the first time, don't reply. Keep him in suspense. Make him think more about you. And seems like it's working on you. BTW... I'm impressed. Nice comeback :)

    • thanks. Should my next text(in one or 2 days) possibly reference to that text? like "Hey, did you do that science homework I asked for ya? :P" or should I just simply say hello and start from there? I don't feel guilty about it... but a compliment is a compliment, doesn't need to be referenced twice

    • well, a more rational option would be to start from hello. That way she'll be the one in suspense. Like, you know. the other day, with you flirting, and today, a simple hello. So I say definitely go for hello :)

  • Lol. Cute, but possibly a bit much for the first flirty text. :-)


What Guys Said 1

  • Wel. that was pretty cheesy, but you are teens, after all. Ithink she put you in her 'creep' file, unfortunately, not that yu deserve that.