Am I screwed in dating because I'm short?

I'm sure this question has been asked before in one way shape or form, but that's OK. I would like to revive it and make it my own.

Anyway, I'm a very short guy. 5'4, and I feel that it has really killed me in the dating world. I've really struggled to get GF's or even a date for that matter, even though girls constantly tell me I'm attractive, dress well, am smart, a good guy, would make a good dad, have a good career, etc. I'm also fully aware of how to interact with girls. I'm not some inept loser who practically throws up out of nervousness when talking to a girl.

It just seems that by process of elimination it must be height that is causing me to get rejected over and over again (even by girls shorter than me), even though on every other front people always tell me how I have so much going for me. I just don't understand how I can feel like I'm doing everything right and have limited success in relation to my peers who do almost everything wrong and have dates and GF's coming out of their ears.

So again, am I pretty much screwed in dating since I'm so short, will 90% of women simply not give me the time of day because they just cannot be attracted to someone of my height?

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  • You still have a chance but its GREATLY hindered by your height.
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I'm actually a fairly confident person. Not over the top confident where I just walk up to ever random girl in the bar and hit on her, but overall I know I'm a good looking guy that is overall a good person, which is why I'm so confused. I'm simply thinking logically and using process of elimination.

I can hold my own and have no problems pursing a girl when the opportunity presents itself. I actually coach most of my guy friends on how to handle getting a girl.


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  • I know lots of short guys who do fine in the dating world. Can they usually land the hottest girls on the planet? No, but neither can average dudes who are tall, either. Average folks usually end up with average folks. Also, TONS of girls are 5'4 and under. I've known many short girls who've told me they prefer to date short guys, because its easier to kiss and hold them.

    One thing I wonder is how much you invest before asking a girl out? The fact that you mention dudes who do a bunch of sh*t wrong and still get dates makes me thing you hang out with guys who just keep swinging away. A conscientious, self-aware guy may be more selective -- and that is a GOOD thing. But you don't want to put a lot of emotional investment into girls you barely know in the early stages of dating. You want to get out there and meet as many girls as possible and try to get a feel for all of them at first. You don't have to be a creep or manwhore ... just make as many contacts as possible and put those feelers out.

    • Well there is some truth to your statement. I tend to be on the picker side and I mean that on more than just her looks. I feel at my age, I'm shopping for my future wife, not just a girl toy. Still though, I probably try more often than a lot of my friends but some of them just have girls literally throwing themselves at them, when aside from being halfway good looking, they're complete losers.

    • Well, think of it this way ... There seem to be more below average people in the world. The girls throwing themselves at losers do so because their character/self-identity matches those guys. The girls might be halfway good looking like your friends ... but they are the same kind of person in a female body. Being generic, in some ways, increases your dating odds.

    • You're probably right.

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  • I've said this once and I will say it again. It's about confidence not height, weight, income, or any other arbitrary element.

  • I've been with guys your height and never minded at all. Also I know a guy 5'2 that has no problem with dating. I honestly don't think most girls care about height, though maybe there are a few shallow odd balls out there.

  • well I'm 6'4'' and have dated guys as short as you before so I don't mind in the least bit! :D

  • Yes, girls love taller guys but it doesn't mean that you're screwed. sometimes it doesn't matter because not all people are alike. I think you still have a chance. it's not over =P


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  • You're right. 90% of women won't give you the time of day because of your height. Time to start focusing on the other 10%. Subconsciously, women seem to think that height = protection. As a guy, you know the difference, of course. I don't think it's unreasonable at all for a girl to want a guy that's tallER than her but putting a number on it seems kind of shallow. If you say you'll only date a girl that is a certain weight though, it's blasphemy!

    • True, and I see the connection, but as the argument always goes and I believe, you can change your weight, not your height.

  • The short answer is no, you're not screwed by your height.

    You're screwed by the way this obsession with your height has destroyed your self-confidence.