Am I doomed in dating by being short?

I'm 5'4 and generally speaking, I like to think (and have been told), that I'm a fairly attractive guy who has a lot going for me. However, I feel my dating success has not added up to what it should be given this fact. Especially in comparison to my peers who most of which are far less attractive then me, and don't hav nearly as much going for them.

Now I know you are probably thinking that I'm some creepy nerd kid with a sh*tty personality or something. I actually am very social, have lots of friends, and am told all the time how well liked I am so I know its not that my personality is sh*tty or something.

I really feel that it has to do with my height. I always get this vibe like I'm the guy in my group of friends that the girls just don't seem to notice even though I outshine everyone in ever other aspect. I hear stuff constantly and I mean CONSTANTLY, about how important height is for men. Even as far as it being the most important physical trait for a man. I even read a stat that said a guy who is 5'6 must make $175k just to have the same level of attractiveness as a guy who is 6'. I've also seen stats gathered from dating sites that suggest guys of my height are only preferred by less than 10% of women and that guys of my height rarely get messages or dates from women. I just feel like its seriously inhibited my dating because my height has eliminated 90% of women as potential mates.

It seems to be the only logical explanation since I've tried to improve every other aspect of my life and have been successful in doing so. In a sense you can say that I've narrowed down my flaws and all that's left is my height, which I can't change. I work out and have a good body, I have good style, I have a great and lucrative career, I am a talented musician and play in a band, I don't abuse alcohol or drugs, I'm good at talking with people and women, I'm well liked, and I'm smart. All of these things, are stuff that actually women have told me to my face and or voiced their respect for me as a result. So I'm not just some arrogant prick who thinks I'm awesome. Yet despite all these positive characteristics, at 24yrs old, I've spent less than a year of my life in a relationship and have had really only one serious girlfriend. I even currently have a score of 9.5 under my reality check, which includes a picture By the way.

So am I really doomed for being short, as in most women just disregard me as a potential boyfriend or is there something else going on here? Am I just unlucky? Why is it that in anonymous polls, where my height is not known, girls always say I'm attractive, yet getting a girlfriend for me is like pulling teeth?

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I've even considered getting limb lengthening surgery. It's just EXTREMELY expensive and would most likely even require travel since there are limited doctors who perform it.
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Please don't cite celebrities. They don't count. They obviously have unattainable things that make up for their height. I'm sure if a guy walked into the room, was world famous, and had tons of money, of course girls will throw themselves at him, regardless of his height or any other trait for that matter. Fame trumps all.
Am I doomed in dating by being short?
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