My boyfriend got a girl's number from the bar?

My boyfriend and I live together and have been dating almost 4 years.

I'm the most insecure person you would ever meet. Literally, I take it to a whole new level.

Any ways, my boyfriend went out last night with his friends, when he came back I could not help but look at his texts.

When I did, a girl texted him her name with her number.

All the text said was "Sarah". There was no reply to that.

He also gave his number to a guy named Robert, because he had a text saying "hey it's robert from the bar hit me up you're hella cool to kick it with"

When I confronted my boyfriend he said if he had anything to hide, he wouldn't have kept the text from her in his inbox for me to see. He said it was more of a "you're hella cool what's your number?!" Type thing, not anything sexual.

Do you think I should worry? Even though he kept it in his inbox and didn't hide it, and also gave his number to guy also not just that girl, so should I worry?


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  • My ex looked through my phone after 4 years too, that's why she's my ex.


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  • Well first of all


    Why I'm telling you to stop ?

    Because when you show him you are insecure ( by looking trough his phone)

    he will gain a BIG , BIG control over you which seems like he already has..

    and it will destroy you .. if he suddently dumps you

    he will know how to control you BECAUSE you are INSECURE but if you show him you don't give a sh*t, he will be like OH NO she CAN leave me if she wants to.

    and second it seems like you don't trust him, and if you don't trust him

    HE will have more power over you.

    The whole giving out his nr to a girl DOES seem shady

    and you know what they say

    If it doesn't make sense, IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE.

    • Thank you for actually answering my question. I do trust him but I am insecure because my past. But he gave his number to a guy too, so it's not like this girl was special or anything because he gave a guy his number as well. And he would have deleted it if there was something to hide, rather than leave it there for me to see?

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    • Very true. I will work on this, and he knows this. My main concern is just the number, but then again why would he keep that text in his inbox, when he could have just deleted it so I don't see it in the first place?

    • Ye that is true!

      could you help me with my question? thanks:)


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