Do guys have a 6th sense for when a girl they dated is moving on?

Ok, So I've decided to move on as the guy I'm head over heels for is not ready to commit as he says. I feel that to him, I am just a shiny trophy he can show off to his friends. I want to be the girl that he wants to show off to his family. He isn't ready for that as he says. So I went on a date last night with a really nice guy, we have connection, things of the same interest, the date went well. During the middle of the date my ex texts me "hey babe, how ya been?" Mind you I have not talked to him nor made an attempt to talk to him in only 3 days. Is it because he is wondering what I'm doing? Or because he can sense that I'm trying to move on and he is trying to bring me back to him to keep around just in case or whatever reason? GUYS I need help on this.


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  • I think they do that when they notice its been a long time since they heard from you or when they heard about you hanging out with someone else.

    He had his chance and he messed it up.

    • the sad thing is, it hadn't really been that long. it was like 3 days. lol.

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  • May be he wants free sex? may be he was lonely that night ? may be he is a sadist and want to keep you orbiting him all the time? The truth here is that you are attracted to him more than the guy you are dating now and you want to find an someone here to tell you that he has changed. Look.. if he wants you he will do everything for you. The only reason I can imagine a guy not travelling half ways across the world for a girl he loves is because he is too shy or doesn't have the money.

    The writing is all over the wall. You said what you wanted and he wouldn't take it. Other than that it is just games.

    Move on and don't waste your youthful years.

    • Then why is he texting me?

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    • I didn't put anything!1 I have no clue how this happened !

    • Do I really put all the time and effort to help you and then mess it up?! I don't even know how technically this is possible !

  • I'm sure he suspects you're going to look for someone more on your wavelength. You have a fundanental difference of position going on heree!

    And he knows that your sudden silence might well be because yu've already found someone more suitable.

    Of course guys can tell when their signnificant others are unhappy with them...and if it's just casual dating, they don't have to be a trained psychologist to think that the girl is moving on when there is a sudden silence.

    • IF he senses it, why feel the need to hit me up? Does he still want me or something? Or just a territorial thing and thinks he should keep me close by?

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    • If he was really into me, why doesn't he want to commit? He still is "fishing" I feel like and right now I'm his trophy fish. I'm not some prize to be won to sleep with. I want a stable relationship.

    • He does't commit to anyone; that's his lifestyle, as it's nothing personal against you. but he still likes you,

      Best Answer, I think?

  • We don't have that 6th sense. Women have better intuitions than us.

    I think that's just a coincidence, and he just wants to keep you as a medal to wear around his friends.

    You're better off with the guy whom you've dated that showed you a real connection, and a genuine care for you. Always commit to your happiness = )

    • I'm just wondering why the heck he is talking to me when he made it clear he wasn't ready and he knows that I am, and trying to move on, but it seems like he doesn't want me to?

    • Just because he senses you're leaving him, doesn't mean he LIKES the idea. He still is into you..

    • If he keeps showing intiative should I try and give him another shot? Or go with what seems like the better choice. should I talk to him about this?

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