How to date a private man? How can I know him better?

I started dating this guy, he told me he is a bit quiet and private right away, I am quite open and I talk a lot So its good because he feels more comfortable that way, however I feel like he knows me a lot and I don't know as much about him...

I feel he doesn't like to talk about himself but I need to know him more, how can I do that?

Maybe ask questions like if you were An animal, a car?

When I ask him what he is going to do he says I don't know yet, he always give me vague answers :(


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  • You need to spend a lot of time with him, because he's just slowly opening up to you.

    Ask him questions because that's the only way for him to open up to you.

    I think you're really nice to be making him comfortable, and talking a lot.

    • i feel its hard for him to open up...and I feel that he isn't too comfortable when I say enough about me lets talk about you...

What Girls Said 1

  • Ask him questions. Let him know you like to know him better. I personally would feel odd if a man I date behaves that way. It's as if he is hiding something.

    • i know but he said I could ask him anything and that he had nothing to hide, when I pressured him a bit I said well I talk a lot because you don't and he said my life is boring I wake up have breakfast and go to work your stories are way more interesting...i feel its hard for him to talk about himself out of nowhere like I do

    • Hmmmm I find that odd. it would be a red flag for me. He is either hiding something or his life is truly that Boring. Who wants to be with the boring guy? He has no passions, interests, hobbies? I find that hard to believe. Another scenario could that he is an emotionally detached human being. Another red flag IMO. Your call though

    • Naw he is very emotional, love animals travelling but his main hobbie is sports and I am not into that, our conversation always flow but its not about him...

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