Handsome guys dating below average girls: explanations?

I have noticed it a lot. While the common rule is fo people to date along their same attractiveness range. I often see very handsome men with girls that are barely average in the looks department.

I know I may sound superficial since looks aren't the main factor in dating someone. Probably those girls have great personalities, are very loving, selfless and such.But well sometimes this isn't even the case. And I'm pretty sure there are cute girls, without them being a knocking 10 or 8 who also have great personal qualities.

So this puzzles me a lot. Women are constantly told that men are "visual" creatures, that we should always try to look our best and take care of our body and face. Yet those men defy this. What impresses me most is that most of the time those girls don't even seem to put in any effort regarding their outward appearance. (mind you, I'm not even talking about make up to enhance their features but some of them don't even groom that well...)

So I don't understand it. I've thought that maybe such men aren't aware of how good they look. but then again that doesn't explain it fully. Like I said they don't date slightly above average women, who on a good day look very cute.

And I'm not really convinced that it is a personality thing.

So do you have any idea why it might be so?

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to answer quite a few comments:

Obviously what shocked me the most isn't the fact that I don't consider them pretty. It's mostly the fact the fact that they are girls who don't try to look "put together". That's what I meant by below average. I beiev any girl can look quite good if she at least grooms.

Then I would really believe the whoel personality theory if other guys didn't mind going for girls that are not considered ttractive by most. When they do it is usually just for sex.

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Also men seem to be socially expected to catch a girl that is at least as attractive as them. Not because attractiveness si that important but mainly because it show how good of a hunter they are (and whether you agree with this it's pretty much the truth). It's an ego boost to their manliness. It sends the message that they have strong manly qualities the girl was attracted to and that they didn't just settle for a girl they could easily have.
Handsome guys dating below average girls: explanations?
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