Girls, why do you have such HIGH STANDARDS?

I got you clicked in? Great.
I am not talking about DATING standards. But Sexual Standards.


(leave Money, fame and status out of this people, this is SEXUAL ATTRACTION)

See, Guys usually dont have huge standards to begin with.
Girls, why do you have such HIGH STANDARDS?

(just an example)

Dating someone can be okay, but Sexual standards are like~ Only 6 feet tall, Handsome , Great body, Good in Bed, etc..
I get it, they get to have standards, cause they can. Cause they have that in them, as they know they will get those men for Sex.

Men also want to have sex with Gorgeous women, but they can't. So they lower their standards to as low as they can to have sex. But then women say "Guys are Dogs! They dont have any standards, they can have sex with any girl they see, I Hate Men!"
Not MEN. Its cause they have much LOWER STANDARDS!

This is what I hate! Society , females and media keeps saying, Ooh men have such High standards, they only want this and that, but you are actually talking about the Handsome guys, who get to have Standards. We average men, we dont have any high standards in the first place like women do, cause if we have standards like women, we won't even get a mate, ever.

Yes i get it, you want sex with what you are attracted to. But you are not attracted to Majority of men? Why women? Why is your brain like that, its just so absurd that it is sad.

This just shows how different men and women are.

But reading in a lot of places, hearing and listening, i have come to a conclusion that women ONLY WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH 0.5 - 1 % OF MEN THEY SEE.
If women are only sexually attracted to Hot guys, then why do you even have sex with us in relationships? You are not attracted right, just why?
I am just sad, that women dont want, or ever will have sex with average guys. Because they are not sexually attracted, but guys can be even to girls below their looks. Do wives, Gfs just have sex with us, to just Complete the necessary evil? Be brutally honest please.
Girls, why do you have such HIGH STANDARDS?
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