Greeting on 3rd date -what to do?

on our 1st date we hugged when greeting. At the end we kissed on the cheek.

2nd date greeting - I hugged him. he kissed me on the cheek. at the end, we both went in for a kiss. it was only a very quick peck on the lips.

now. when we greet on the 3rd date what do we do?

what would most guys expect at this stage?


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  • Do anything you want. If you can, simply dive in right to the kiss.


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  • i let him kiss me but you can kiss him I'm sure he would like it. depends on the mood setting and your comfort level.

    the last guy I dated and I had our first kiss on the second date but we ended up making out "lightly" because it was only for a few minutes and no tongue or groping and we were just standing up in each others arms.

    then on our third he didn't kiss me as a greeting but I might not have seemed open to it. and we really had just met so that might be it. later in the day he started kissing me on the lips and cuddling me and then at the end we made out.