Guys: If a girl invites you to her house and nothing happens... Would you like to hang out again?


I've been wondering this for a while now...

I invited this guy (who I like) to my house one of these days. He came at night and we hung out (watch tv, listen to music, talk) but I didn't make a move on him. I think he tried to make a move (grabbing my hand and putting it around his shoulders) but I unintentionally took it out.

My questions are: would he like to hang out again? Would he think I just like him as a friend?


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  • If I had a good time, why not do it again? ;-)

    Depends on how other things went if I would think that she was just interested in being friends or if there is a possibility it could be more. It would decidedly be on my mind though (hate to be the jackass that just didn't get the hint the first time, hehe).

    If you ask him over again and he doesn't want to, then chances are good you've either scared him off or he was only interested in a physical relationship.

  • as long as you didn't invite him over and ignore him chances are he still likes you or is at least interested

    • Thanks for your input!

      I don't know if I ignored him... we mostly just watched tv. He kept poking me and stuff.

      After that we haven't talked about it(it's been like a week), we just talked about random things because we were with some friends.

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