Is it a good sign if a guy invites you to his house party?

Long story short, this guy (I don't know him that well and met him through a mutual friend) asked my friend to invite me to his birthday house party. I wasn't able to go unfortunately, but was really surprised that the guy would ask me to his house party. I had met him a week before the invite at a dinner event.

A couple of days later, I found out that I was the only girl that he had invited to his house party from our group.

Is this a good sign that he's probably into me or was it a friendly gesture?


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  • Every single girl at the party was probably invited by him. Don't overthink it


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  • no im sure he just wants to talk you the entire time at the party lmmao

  • I would say so. I usually invite girls I wanna hang out with to parties lol

    • As in hang out as friends or do you have hidden motives? :p

    • well, if I'm single... I'd have a hidden motive more than likely. Especially at a house party.

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