Asked for phone number too soon. Can I recover (online dating)

Met a cute scene girl on this dating site that's not exactly main stream. And yes she's real(Facebook searched her too LOL :p)

Anyway we exchange a couple emails back and forth, she responds to stuff that doesn't need a response, AND AT LEAST she's RESPONDING. However she is not responding with stuff that can continue a conversation... anyway

Me being confident, I just assume she is interested and move on from there

So I asked her for her number yesterday, and still no response yet. To my previous emails she'd respond back within an hour, sometimes a day. Anyway

Online chat(Summed up):


Me: Hey there, what kind of music do you like?

Her: Metal

Me: (random stuff), so why do you like music so much?

Her: It helps me feel special like there's a purpose for me to be on this earth, is helps me get through the sad days and birng me up

Me: (random comment about Music) ------ no response and I'm sure was read

(Later I commented one of her photos and she said "Why thanks :)")

Me: By the way, my name is __ (Idk what I was thinking here LOL)

Her: I'm ___

Me: (Witty joke to ask for number, she sorta gets it. it ends with "Please tell me you text")

Her: I do text lol

Me: So how about you give me your number then? lol (still no response, been half a day, I do believe it was read)


Thoughts on how to recover? Do I need to recover? We're both 20 btw

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to those of you saying "give her your number"

well you saw my last message, how do I transition it into me giving her my number? do I apologize or something? I'm not sure what to follow up with. and this is IF I decide to pursue this route
UPDATE: I messaged her as others said my #

"Me: Sorry if that was too forward, here's mine ___ (read, no response, no txt, been a day)


thinking of sending a "guess you're not interested" message in 2-3 days. thoughts?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Um, give her your number.

    • you sure? others are saying to continue the convo a bit. should I do that, or just give off my number as you said?

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  • You can give her yours like everyone said. But, just from personal experience, that's how I respond to be polite but not interested at all. On dating sites, especially, girls come across pervy guys as well as wayyy too forward guys. We like to feel comfortable before meeting or giving out private information. That means having many conversations. Also, if she was interested she'd be asking you questions. The fact that she's only responding means that she's just being polite.

    • But the online etiquette is if you're not interested, it's polite to not respond. I DO agree with what you're saying though, don't get me wrong. And I asked a guy friend who's had experience with POF, he says sometimes you need to get them comfortable enough.

    • That is true. Sometimes girls respond because the guy doesn't seem like a creep and that's refreshing. Doesn't mean we're attracted to you. Yeah you have to do that but from the initial conversation she isn't interested in knowing anything about you

  • E-mail her again, ask something else, like for music since that's something that seemed to be interest for both of you, you can reconnect this way. That's how you recover the previous version of your "relationship"...

  • leave her alone. don't bother her please

    • whats with the super defensive response?

  • Just give her your number


What Guys Said 2

  • i'm not really sure she is that interested , what I'd do in this situation is just try and talk to her online if she is responding to your messages and don't worry about the # for now as there is plenty of ways you can talk to her online , so the number isn't really that important these days anyways , but as I said I'm not really even sure she is interested so you have to decide if this is worth pursuing

  • Msg her again and say that that she seem so awesome that you asked for her number fairly soon and didn't mean to make her uncomfortable...then see what she says.

    That's what I would do.

    • did that, and as others said gave her #. still no response, was read, been only a day though

      my last resort before I give up is another message in 2-3 days saying "hey guess your not interested, good luck and bye" and see if she responds

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