My exgirlfriend only calls me when she needs something... What should I do?

I feel guilty.

I said some things I shouldn't have when her and I broke up. She found out about them and since then we've been far from friends...

Now, 2 years later she's asking me to help her find a job, buy her booze or give her rides places...

Now, because of what I said after we broke up, I feel eternally guilty. So I go along with this stuff and pretend I don't mind, even though I hate that she drinks and goes clubbing and stuff.

Recently, she asked me if I could take her somewhere (she didn't tell me where) and I said sure, next thing I know she doesn't call me back to tell me where to go or communicate me in any way.

Now I'm feeling really p*ssed off and I'm just straight up tired of this!

What should I do?

I'm nothing but genuine with her and I feel like she uses me.

Do I deserve this?



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  • Stop being a doormat and letting her walk all over you.

    People will use you if you let them. That's the truth. Look you hurt her and said some bad things out of emotion and anger but then again, so what? We've all made mistakes in life and you learn ad grow from it... not be condemned to slavery and servitude. I'm assuming you apologized and that's the most you can do. It's nice that you're helping her out but you don't owe her anything.

    if you guys are friends, then act as friends who give and take. If all she's doing is taking then... that's not a balance friendship. Either explain this to her or just cut her off.


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  • No, you do not deserve this. No matter what you said when you two broke up, it does not give her an excuse to use you...Especially if it was 2 years ago. I've been dating my boyfriend for 3 and 1/2 years and I did break up with him once(we got back together) and we both said some things that we both regretted later on, Some very very hurtful, some petty things. But if she asks you for things and just ignores you afterwards I would just tell her..."We're not together anymore...I don't owe you anything...Goodluck in life, see ya bye." Seriously if you keep giving in to things she asks for, she's eventually going to think she can get anything from you.

    If you're hoping you guys will get back together...I personally think you're wasting your time with her and apparently she's wasting yours


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  • "Do I deserve this? Why?"

    "I feel guilty."

    "I said some things I shouldn't have when her and I broke up. "

    You said things.

    You broke up...