Why is my boyfriend texting escorts?

I found escorts numbers on my boyfriends text history. He says he has never texted them, but yes has been on the site. It's not the site that bothers me... It's the fact there are text messages! He said his phone must be "hacked." Am I right to see a red flag here? I am head over heals for this guy, but I also don't want to waste my time. Advise and help please.


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  • I think even being on the site should bother you.

    Lets just say you saw the site alone.

    Just the fact that he is looking at escorts in your area, should

    be enough to alarm you.

    Finding those womens number in his phone should be another red flag.

    Him lying about it should be the third.

    He doesn't want to be real with you and is trying to cover his tracks.

    It wouldn't be far fetched if he actually is cheating on you.

    I think you should end your relationship until he is willing to come clean to you,

    or be completely honest about everything. (When he does, make your ultimate decision

    from there).

    You are "head over heels" with someone you think he is.

    This is an illusion and you need to look at the situation you are facing

    for what it is.

    If he comes clean...it's only because he GOT CAUGHT.

    How can you trust that in future, he will be honest with you instead of

    you having to force things out of him.

    Someone genuinely sorry will come forward on their own.


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  • The Red Flag is he's on escort websites...

    the deal breaker is he is contacting them...

    simply put he wouldn't be texted them if he wasn't trying to hook up.

    why would someone hack his phone only to text escorts? Wouldn't they find better use for a phone than that? why would he go on the site and then not call or text but think that it's a believable that his phone was hacked?

    I would tell him that you need honesty and that frankly his answer is b.s. Perhaps if he is honest with you and himself you can go forward OR just cut it loose

    frankly I would cut it loose

  • Hackers do things to inconvenience people because they have the ability to, or they do it to make profit... I don't think they'd do it to message escorts. Anywho, it's not like you'd ask him and he'd just say 'Yep'.

  • Men have need fo sexual variety and if you care about his well being then you should not stop him from having his needs met by other women ( escorts in this case ) .It would be very egoistical and immature on your part.


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  • a lot of men call and text escorts and never meet them whyi don't understand.

    however clearly there is something going on in the sex department instead of being upset use this as an opportunity to see what is going on many men have sexual preferences they are so ashamed of they ill never share them with their wife or girlfriends no matter how much they love the woman.

    Use this as a chance to really communicate and explore more both of your sexuality.

    also not all men that see escorts have sex they may have a fetish or use certain drugs and they just don't want to have to explain why they are doing it .

  • The red flag is not only that he did it, but he lied when you asked him. Observe him and his behavior for the next few weeks carefully, then make your final decision. Maybe you could also bring it up with him and just tell him you think he's lying and you don't like it, and even say if he wanted to that you would prefer he tell you first.

  • I see red flags everywhere...don't waste your time. Obviously he doesn't know what he wants yet.

  • give him the benefit of the doubt and see if he does something

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