Online dating: how many dates before you call it quits?

So you message a few times, and then meet up--how many times do you give the other person a shot before you just call it quits?

Related question how many dates until you see if there is something there--chemistry or relationship potential? I personally feel that the guys I've gone out with are more platonic, less romantic. I don't know, maybe I need to give it time though?

Also, how have you told them it wasn't working out?

  • 1 date
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  • 2-3 dates
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  • More than 3 dates
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  • Online dating - ew!
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  • After two or three dates, you either find someone interesting or you don't.

    I tell them - "I don't think this has any potential, sorry, best of luck"

    • omg, thank you. finally an answer!

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  • Never done online dating via a dating site... I've managed to randomly start talking to friends, friends on social sites and asked them out before ever meeting them. Honestly I wouldn't ask them out if I wouldn't date them. I'm either in a relationship or single...

  • I honestly haven't had much luck with online dating , message some girls but get few replies and never really meet anyone , have more luck in real life or at least meet real girls that way


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