Dating a high school boy while being a college girl?

Okay so I'm only a freshman in college, but there's this boy from work who for some reason I'm weirdly attracted to.

But every time I flirt/talk to him I feel strange because he's SO young, I'm guessing either sixteen or seventeen. I'm eighteen and I am now just starting to see why those late teen years make such a difference. It feels like a lifetime since I was sixteen/seventeen, and it is mostly the reason why I try not to go after younger guys and probably why they don't go after me. Mostly because

a) I view it as pretty pathetic, I have a friend who's dating a senior, and it just seems like she's babysitting him

b) if guys my age, 19 or 18, are really just mentally 15, what does that say about this stupidly cute guy who's probably 16 or 17, isn't he really just in his 13s/14s?

Most college guys I've met so far either only want to hook up or are taken. Ideally, I would go after 22+ old guys but I'm having trouble finding guys in their mid twenties now.

Has any girls ever had experience dating someone younger than them? Any stories?

It's legal.


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  • not weird as long as him mental maturity and if that's so then nothing wrong with dating him


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  • is that even legal where you're from?