Do you believe people who cancel a date because they're sick?

People who you don't know that well. Not friends or something.

I met this guy online, we've been out once and sheduled a second date but he cancelled saying he was sick. Maybe I'm just a really distrusting person, but sounds like an excuse to me

If he was sick, that's fine, but I don't know would you believe that or would that be something he just made up

I've had a feeling he didn't really want to go out again. Although objektivley speaking he didn't really do anything to make me think that, it's just a feeling.

Now I'm lso wondering what I should reply?


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  • You should believe him. He might be actually sick or he might just have better things to do that day, or maybe he just feels a bit off/has an acne breakout/whatever.

    You can always reschedule.

    If its just the once he cancels then there's no need to be suspicious at all.

    Just reply that you hope he gets well soon and you look forward to seeing him in a week or two


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  • Sorry I've never been in that position

    But I'd take him at his word. However if it happened a second time I'd call him on it.

    You can always call him and ask how he's doing.



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  • You should believe him but if you are still debating it you could call him. This actually happen to me last night. I'm sick right now and had to cancel plans with my guy. He called me about 3 hours later saying that he wanted to check up on me to see how I'm feeling. I'm not saying he didn't believe me to start with but the phone call was a confirmation that I am actually sick. He could hear it in my voice.

    I guess since you hardly know the guy, you may not want to call him up. If that's the case then I'd just wait.. don't jump to conclusions. Give it a few days and wait for him to contact you for new plans. And if he never does then so what.. his loss.

    • ok ya, I don't think I'm gonna cll him, first of all I don't have credit on my phone right now and as you said I hardly know him.

      So you wouldn't reply to his message at all? Just wait for him to reschedule?

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    • So I did tell him pretty much what you said and he didn't reply, so I guess I know now. Too bad really

    • Well give it some more time because he said he was sick this weekend right? now he may be getting back into the work or school week and he may get back to you. If he doesn't though.. then that's okay. You're better off. You don't want a date with some guy who is only partially interested in you anyway.. It's really his loss right! :-)

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