Why did he lead me on only to friendzone me?

I just stopped talking to this guy again because I felt that he was lying too much. He found me on an online dating site, flirted over the phone, then all of a sudden disregarded all of that and claimed to be on that site to just be looking for a friend. We were also supposed to meet months ago but he kept coming up with excuses. Eventually, I got frustrated with all of this and just stopped talking to him altogether. Now here's where the confusing part comes in. He contacted me month later claiming that he didn't want to lead me on before because he didn't know where he'd end up and that he'd be living closer to me. However, he still kept on coming up with his usual excuses and lies and pushing his moving date futher. This guy seems like someone who just likes the chase and games because everytime I'd reply back with detailed messages, he'd never call like he said he would. But when I played the role of a careless girl who only replied back with one word texts, this would drive him crazy and he'd instantly call. Now, don't get me wrong. I hate games and was simply upset and testing him when I did that. Plus, considering the fact that this guy came back after a month of no contact says something about him. Regardless of all of that, I saw that he still wanted to play the same tricks with me as he did before I stopped talking to him the first time so I told him that I couldn't deal with it anymore because I had feelings for him and that I didn't want to keep in contact with him anymore because it was too much for me. He replied back claiming that he was just talking to me as a friend (from an online dating site?) and that I needed to not assume stuff so much. He also said that he already forgave me the first time (Huh? I forgave him by letting him back in my life) and that he taught me a lesson. Now, I may be wrong here but this didn't seem like a friendship thing. He also said that we were dating on the ph

By the way, this was long distance and then he asked me to stay over his house for a week whenever we met.


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  • Move on. Don't bother anymore. Find someone else on the dating site to talk too. This guy here is all about games and has no intention on making a move to see you or take you out. It isn't worth the stress, heartache, or tears.
    My advice, be careful seeking guys online. A lot of them are only looking to get laid, pen pals etc... There's ONLY a handful who are actually looking for TRUE endless love.
    Good luck.

  • His looking for attention. Move on.

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