Have I destroyed my boyfriend ego?

Ok so I have been going out with this amazing funny guy named Daniel for a little more than a week now. We've both liked each other for ages. He's my first boyfriend and Im his first girlfriend, He's shy about hugging and holding hands but his friends always find away to get us to do that kind of stuff.

recently his friends have been saying he want to kiss me bad! and when we went to play out with him and 4 other friends (2 of his and 1 of mine) we went in to town and we held hands in public. We went to the shops and he bought some sweets and offered me some. I declined because I didn't want to seem like a pig lol. When he had to go he hugged me good bye but his friends started to chant "kiss kiss kiss!!!" he was really nervous and so was I, he friends dragged him to the side and talked to him, then he came back after a bit more teasing and shoving he walked up to me and gave me a kiss.. I was nervous like REALLY nervous and under pressure I turned my head and he kissed my nose... when I turned my head back he seemed to be really embarrassed that I rejected him..

im ready for him to kiss me but now im afraid things will be weird between us, his friends keep saying "why did you reject him?" or tap there nose when they look at me. Do I have to kiss him first now? what do I do? please help thanks

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  • Your friends need to chill out is whats going on. You already seem like you're yourselves around your friends you should start hanging out just you two more. And everything else is fine really. Its great that you dealt with it, next time you'll be less nervous.

    You sound like a sweet couple, best of luck.


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  • I agree with John, you guys should spend more time together away from your friends. As for embarrassment, he probably is embarrassed, I would be in the same situation.

    It isn't all that drastic a situation, just ask to talk with him (away from his/your friends) and explain what happened and give him a hug, he should understand.

  • Your boyfriend may feel a bit rejected, but it can be fixed with a conversation and few kisses. Just know that you have the right to choose when you kiss someone, so you did nothing wrong here.

  • I would sure be angry at any girl who did this to me... I mean seriously.. you are my girlfriend, and i am not forcing you, still if you reject me. Chances are i would never like to see your face again. You should apologize to him in front of everyone.

    • wow. thats a little rude. She obviously did not want to kiss him in front of people just to kiss him. Correct me if im wrong, but i think most girls want to kiss someone because they want to kiss them, not because his friends are judging her.

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    • we can all read. we are commenting on other things that you have said... duh.

    • that's the problem with girls.. you never listen to the gist, but just the footnotes or sidelines. I am saying that she should leave him, but INCASE she wants him, she should apologize.. because it has obviously hurt his ego. its her wish whether she wants to repair it or not. and i recommend not to do so. but you are not viewing my opinion, just the solution. she herself asked 'what do i do?' i am just answering that question. simple.

  • Wait till you can be alone without his bossy friends then if you want kiss him or maybe he will kiss you just dont give the friends any ammo to use against either of you


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  • It's pretty impressive to destroy a person's entire ego all within the span of 7 days.

    Your friends need to butt out of your relationship. One cannot hope to have a mature, healthy, functioning relationship when one involves their friends.

    How old are you? It's also interesting that this Danial kid is just so amazing and you've been dating for like 9 days. Save the amazing for when you've been dating for a year and you've seen him at his worst and his best and you still think that he's the greatest thing on the planet.

  • not wanting to kiss in front of everyone at the peer pressure of some adolescent boys (i'm assuming you're young or this wouldn't be a problem) isn't really "rejecting HIM" it's just not wanting to kiss in that circumstance. @lonerider, there are plenty of circumstances in which kissing your partner isn't what you want to do, and if you're shy PDA may be something you never want to do. not kissing him is not a rejection of HIM, it's a rejection of that circumstance. she has nothing to apologize for. she can explain why she didn't want to kiss him, but in no way is a girlfriend obligated to kiss her boyfriend all the time whenever he wants to. if she NEVER wants to kiss him, then that's an issue. but not enjoying kissing in public isn't something a guy can be angry at a girl over. he can decide that they're not compatible and end it. if a girl doesn't want to kiss right now and avoids it like she did, kissing her anyway would indeed be forcing her after she rejected the kiss.

    • there's a huge difference in reaction depending on if it was a rejection or just nervousness, something you would easily pick up on. I think that was just a "troll"

    • Again.. You are not getting me. I am saying whether she's right or wrong. I am just answering, did she hit his ego? She sure did!