Not sure how to handle my girlfriends clingy friend?

So me and my girlfriend have been going strong for two months now and I adore everything about her. She's funny, adorable, and is very open with me and any time we have a hitch we voice it right away and talk it out.

So since we've gotten together, naturally I have met her closest friend.. and witnessed her friend's behavior. Her friend is clingy to say the least.. and it worries me at times.

I respect that her friend wants to hang out with my girlfriend and that we all need friend time and shouldn't let our relationships consume our whole life but in her friends case she lets her friendship with my girlfriend consume her whole life.

Legitimately every time I go on a date with her (all which are planned well in advance as to not bump schedules with anyone) this girl will literally call her at least 3 times pestering her to hang out or talk (one day it got up to 12 missed calls) and a handful of text messages. Sometimes my girlfriend will have to take a call from her while we're hanging out it gets so bad and it bugs me a little since it disturbs our private time together.

The first time I met this friend in person she completely threw me off too. She's a nightlife kind of gal who pesters my girlfriend every other evening or weekend to go hit up a nightclub or bar together while my friends are the complete opposite.

It also bugs me that the close friend is also good friends with my girlfriends ex and there has been a time where the friend has subtly tried to set them back up together (before my girlfriend and I met). Just last week as an example (while me and my girlfriend were hanging out) she asked if my girlfriend would join her, another friend, and her ex for a dinner out.

I just don't know how to handle this situation as I've never had a girlfriend with such as clingy friend. I'm worried this friend is going to be such a problem that it splits us apart. I'd really appreciate any advice. Thanks.


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  • Wow yeah that friend is very clingy.I feel their is not much you can do since it's your girlfriend's friend.She shouldn't be letting the friend interupt you and her private time together.I don't think that is fair and right.I think the friend is jealous and manipulative and dangerous.I also feel that she could be trying to break you and your girlfriend up and maybe trying to get her and the ex back together.Some people get jealous of others happiness.Another thing you can do is mention it to your girlfriend.But I feel if you did that then it would make you seem jealous etc.I think your girlfriend would have to stop letting the friend control and call the shots alittle.It seems like she listens to the friend a lot .And that is not good.


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  • I agree with the other guys opinion, I think they are trying to break you 2 up.

  • She needs to find a gf/bf and stop medaling in people's relationships


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