Guy keeps flirting with me though he knows I have a boyfriend.

He messages me 100 times a day... calls me at night and we talk for a long time... He's really nice to me and offers me to drop me on his bike. But the problem is I have a bf. But he tells me that he liked me before I had a boyfriend but never had the guts to talk to me. He tells me that I deserve someone better than my bf.

This guy is actually better than my bf. Better looking and we have more fun talking. He's also more confident and intelligent. And I'm dating my boyfriend only for a month and I'm not really happy with him because I am not that attracted to him. I'm with him because he's nice to me. He was my best friend for six months so I can't be mean to him.

What should I do?

When I said "I am not that attracted to him" I meant that my boyfriend is very average looking and I am not physically attracted to him. I find him very cute but not sexy.


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  • Here's my impression of the first guy: He is a manipulative snake. He knows you have a boyfriend, yet he constantly texts you and calls you, and offers to help you. Not only that, he tells you he likes you. But, and this is the primary reason for concern, he tells you that you deserve better than your boyfriend. HA! He is implying that you deserve him, that you should be with him. He's probably been manipulating you for awhile now, and his intentions are probably just to sleep with you. I mean really, what does he know about the guy you are with? How can he say you deserve better when he doesn't know much of anything. He is your typical jealous chump who wants you for himself, and will take the appropriate measures to get that. If he had any respect for you he'd wait for you to dump your boyfriend, and then proceed.

    Guy two(aka your boyfriend): He's already lost apparently because you admit he isn't as good looking, and isn't as fun to talk to. He's not as intelligent and not as confident. And you aren't happy with him because you aren't ATTRACTED to him, HA! You are one strange girl. I wasn't aware attraction made people happy. But you are with him cause he's nice to you. Well damn, maybe you should tell him all about your new attractive, smart, confident friend, then I'm sure your "boyfriend" will dump your ass for you. Here's a clue sister, YOU ARE BEING MEAN TO HIM.

    What you should do is end it with your current boyfriend. Clearly you aren't happy, and you aren't attracted to him. After you end it, I suggest you wait 2-3 weeks before seeing this first guy. Anything after that is up to you.

    • Hey never that about it this way... My best girl friend did mention to me that this guy is a player but I didn't believe her because I thought she was just jealous. Thanks for the insight!

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  • Stick to your current bf.

    He is nice to you. He is cute. These things last. Sexyness does not last.

    Would you rather be in a relationship where the guy is "above average" but does not treat you well? This is what happens when a girl falls for a player.

    The guy who is after you so much, telling you that you deserve better (Btw this is a standard line to boost the girl's ego and make her lose respect for the current boyfriend so that she will sleep with you.) has no respect for you. You will regret it if you leave your boyfriend and go with him. You will regret it even more if you cheat on your bf.


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  • alright first off, if you aren't happy with your boyfriend then you should end things. Remaining in this relationship is leading him to believe that you are attracted to him and actually like him and so essentially you are dragging out the inevitable. Technically you are allowed to talk to other guys and can't help the fact that this other guy likes you, but you CAN help the fact that you are flirting in return and have questionable intentions with this other guy while you are still in a relationship. dump your boyfriend. think about what you want want with this other guy. proceed from there. its really that simple. yeah, maybe you won't have as close a friendship with this guy your seeing as you once did, but that was a risk you took going into the relationship that you should have thought about before.

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