Why Does He Flirt With Me Even Though He Has A Girlfriend?

This guy I like & I have been flirting with each other for already a month. He texts me almost every day & tells me sweet things, like calling me "beautiful" but the problem is that... I just found out he has a girlfriend (my cousin told me). And now I feel so hurt. I feel like I'm just being used & I'm not sure if I should keep txting him..:(


Why would some guys flirt with girls even if they have a girlfriend already? Is it cause he doesn't love her enough or cause he just wants attention (so that he can feel better about himself)?


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  • I don't know what his reasons are, but if he's anything like me, he's probably a natural flirt. Like this is his innate mode. For me I flirt with damn near everyone without thinking about it. If I'm not flirting, it's generally because my brain is very consciously putting in an effort to NOT flirt. It's just who I am. It's just the way I am. There's generally no real intent behind it, it's just something I do as naturally as breathing. Or say talking. Yeah talking seems more accurate.

    If it bothers you so much, then just say "don't you have a girlfriend? Why are you flirting with me so much." and if he has no reason and he doesn't stop, either break off all contact, or just write it off as nothing, because it probably is. Write it off as nothing until he actually tries something physical. Because THEN you have full reason to be ticked off. Also, if he denies having a girlfriend, you may wanna break off contact then too.

    Anyway I hope this helped you out somehow. Maybe gave some insight or suggestion on what to do. Whatever it is, it's up to you.

    Good luck.


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  • you're not being used yet.

    he's still working on you.

    maybe other girls also

    • Ohh okay.. but up to what point am I starting to be used? And what do you mean by "he's still working on you"? I would appreciate your feedback, thx :)

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    • he starts to use you once he derives pleasure from physical contact with your vagina

    • @Toban Frost Oh OK thx. So what would be the the best thing to do now tht I know he's in a relationship? I'm really starting to like him & I'm thinking of pointing it out cause it seems right but I don't want to stop talking to him.. :\

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  • He's a selfish, two timing whore?

    • Considering how I'm a natural flirt, I'm going to put in a little shadow of doubt. Sure he might be, but he might not be. I at least try to cover more options.

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    • Yes I agree, thank you. What he is doing to me especially his girlfriend is very disrespectful & not right. I sometimes feel used when he keeps texting me now that I found out (thanks to my cousin) that he has a girlfriend. I feel like when he's not texting her, he's texting me & vice versa so I've stopped flirting with him & kept convos casual mainly cause its not fair to her. But I still don't know the best way to point it out to him...

    • Why not just be bold and say "Hey, what the hell; you have a girlfriend. Why are you talking to me like this? You just seriously reduced your desirability." because that's what he's doing. He looks like a selfish, self absorbed, disrespectful prick sitting up here stringing you along, flirting with you to the point where you can't even tell he has a girlfriend! Just tell him very bluntly. Then I think you should gradually stop talking to him all together.