Guy has girlfriend but keeps flirting with me?

So basically we joined our office a month ago both of us are new recruits. I never used to talk to him but I would catch him staring at me sometimes then he would quickly look away, he would also try to find an excuse to talk to me somehow everyday. Anyways him and his friends started sitting the same place where me and my friends sit so all of us interacted every day in some way or the other and became friends.

Last week he asked for my number for no specific reason and my friend and I both interpreted that as him being interested. Anyways few days later he tells me out of the blue that he has a girlfriend and he told me this while we were talking one on one. He never mentioned his girlfriend in front of the others and still doesn't.

What's more he said yesterday that he thinks I'm cute and I look the cutest when I laugh. He also got a bit jealous when I was telling my friend that a guy was flirting with me in the office. I don't understand what's up with him? I completely started ignoring him after he told me has a girlfriend but he still keeps initiating conversation with me every day and flirts with me too.

He also seems nervous and shy around me sometimes.
Guy has girlfriend but keeps flirting with me?
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