This guy has a girlfriend, but flirts with me and wants to hang out?

I met this guy during the summer while I was playing in a soccer tournament (he was one of the refs). After my game, we ended up getting on the same bus, and talking for the next half hour until we reached my stop. We never exchanged contact details, but I just figured I'd see him at the next game, and was really excited about it... But as luck would have it, I never saw him again after that.

Then, months later, he randomly popped up on my friend suggestions on Facebook, so I added him, and we've been talking on and off ever since. I mentioned that we should catch up, and he gave me his number, and enthusiastically suggested that we grab coffee and hang out sometime soon. We texted a bit, and made plans for last weekend, but the night before we were supposed to hang out, he asked if we could reschedule because he just hadn't gotten enough work done.

I'm really attracted to him, and we really click, but since I met him, he's started dating someone else. They've been in a relationship for a few months now, but I still get the vibe that he's into me. I would never let anything happen between us, knowing that he has a girlfriend, but it's still kind of awkward because of the tension (at least on my behalf).

Now, he's messaging me on Facebook (we've talked for hours over the past couple of days), and when I mentioned that we were personality twins, he said that "yeah, I think that we're really compatible... it's awesome!" But then, out of curiosity, I decided to bring up his girlfriend (whom he'd never mentioned to me - I just saw it on his FB page), and he talked about her for a few minutes. So he's aware that I know about her, but kept joking about what type of guy I'm into, etc., and kept saying that he totally agreed with me about what I value in a relationship, etc... Mixed signals?

But he even studies in the library at my university, instead of the one at his (same city, different schools), because "it's cooler." But I feel like he's trying to bump into me, because he always mentions that he was there/asks if I was there, a little while after my FB status has mentioned that I'm in the library (although we have yet to bump into each other). He said that he thought he saw me once, but he definitely didn't, because I wasn't even there.

Anyway, he wants to hang out this weekend. It will be our first time one-on-one, and I'm not sure how to feel about it... He knows that I'm not the type to be his girl on-the-side, but I don't know what he wants from this. Maybe he just wants to be friends, but that's going to be tough.

Is it possible that he was interested and then moved on because we never saw each other again? Or am I just reading too much into this? What should I do? Is it still okay to hang out?
This guy has a girlfriend, but flirts with me and wants to hang out?
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