What does it mean when a women says she doesn't want anything serious but still wants to date?

This girl and I have been dating for nearly 2 months. The other day I decided to have the "talk" with her about where things are going. She stated that she didn't want anything serious at the moment because she is working a lot currently. While I am looking for something serious I am not ready to give up on her so I responded that I enjoy spending time with her and don't mind keeping things at the current status quo. Afterwards we made out and eventually ended up in bed together which hadn't happened before so it's not like she doesn't want to be with me.

Anyways while I meant what I said to her now after thinking it over for a couple of days it is starting to bother me a little because the week before I turned down a date with someone else because I thought we were proceeding to bf/gf. Now I'm concerned what she was really saying is that it'll always stay this middle ground which is a waste of my time and money.

So that is why I am asking what exactly it means when she said she didn't want anything serious and how do I proceed fwd? Thanks for your help!


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  • It basically means what it says on the tin.
    She doesn't want anything serious.
    Like yo say, you do want a relationship and I know you like her, but is it really worth the time and money, when you could be with someone who actually wants to be with you.
    Like you said you have already given up on a potential relationship by turning down another date.

    I would ask her again and explain to her that you are looking for something serious. If she says a again that she isn't interested in anything serious, move on. For your own good.

    Move on and find the one who wants to be with you. Just think you could be spending all this time and thought on a girl who doesn't want a relationship and losing out on all the ones or one who does.

    Life is too short for middle ground and time wasters.

    Trust me, from experience, move on.


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  • be friends..n go ahead when she's ready..if u push it hard, she might want to finish everything...give her time to decide and sort things out..don't make it awkward or uncomfy for her..


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  • Since she says she doesn't want anything serious, go on a date with this other girl. Keep seeing both of them.

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