You have to start at the bottom, to get to the top!


You have to start at the bottom, to get to the top.<br />

I see on here a lot, people mentioning fast workers and saying they don't have ambition. Or, people like to assume that if you are at that buttom of the totem pole, that you are choosing that as a career. I even wrote a question asking about this yesterday and so now, I have somethings I want to say. Something people should consider.

1. You have to start somewhere, even Burger King.

When you're a young teenager unless your family owns a business or you have someone that can get you job at the mall or something, your high quality job options are kind of limited. So, yeah you get a job at a fast food place or a restaurant, what's the big deal? They are young and it's their first job, as long as they have one and are learning responsibility why does it matter? It's only their first job.

2. Sometimes you have to take what you can get to pay the bills.

Not everybody is given the exact same opportunities in life or even lucky enough to have those same opportunities. Which means, sometimes you got to take a job that will pay the bills until you can find something better. This world isn't cheap to live in and I know at least a few people who have two or three jobs, but you got to do what you got to do, right?

3. Sometimes a job is just an, until......

Like I mentioned in my question yesterday, I have two cousins that worked in food places but they were also going to college to study for something they wanted to actually make a career. One of my cousins worked at Jimmy Johns, while going to school to be a teacher. The other worked at Hooters, while she was in nursing school. So, just because you see someone working at McDonalds don't assume it's their career choice or they lack ambition because they could be there just until they finish there studies and can get a job in the field they studied for.

4. Ambition doesn't pay the bills.

Ambition is great an all but it doesn't pay your bills and even ambitious people have to start somewhere. I mean, following your dreams isn't cheap and not everybody has parents that can pay for every cost they have. So, if you have to sling drinks at Micky's Irish Pub (I just made that name up) while you get through school and in order to have money, then that's just what you'll have to do.

5. Sometimes a job can take you through the rest of your life.

I know some people might have problem with this one, but sometimes if you find decent enough job, it can take you to retirement. I mean, say you start as a cashier at Sears but eventually you keep getting promoted until you're manger and though it's not necessarily a first choice. If you like the job enough, the pay is good and the benefits are good, logically why would you quit? Like it or not sometimes a so/so job, can turn into a pretty good job.

So, there's my 5 points of my opinion on this. I realize it might not completely mesh with the title but the whole point of this is for people to understand or take into consideration four important things.

A. Just because someone has a job at place you find to be for the umambitious, doesn't mean they aren't ambitious. For all you know, it's just getting them through until they complete school.

B. Some of the best people or the most looked up to famous people, started at the buttom. You have to start low and work up the ladder, you can't just start at the top of the ladder. It doesn't work that way.

C. Sometimes people who work at certain places are actually happy and as long as they are happy, they can support themselves (and or their family) and they like what they do, who are you to judge them for that? Not everybody has the same path in life, so you shouldn't care when somebodies path isn't what you want yours to be.

D. If someone was truly unambitious, they wouldn't even bother getting a job at all. I don't care if it's at Taco Bell or not, work is work and if you don't like to work your not gonna bother with any job.

I don't expect anybody to agree with this but I'm just tired of people make assumptions about people based on everything they do, now including their place of employment. So, I just had to write this. Thank you, for your time.

You have to start at the bottom, to get to the top!
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