Why Being A Minor Is So Difficult


Why being a minor is so difficult

I know everyone has to go through it, and actually.. I'm 16 so I'm almost finished with being labled as "Underage". Although, the closer I get to 18.. It feels like the further away I am from it.. And being underage isn't so bad, but here are a few reasons I still despise it.

Why Being A Minor Is So Difficult

1. We have no power.

Ever tried to give someone advice while you were underage? No? Well you can if you want.. it's a waste of breath though. We aren't listened to because of our age:

"Hes just a kid, don't listen to him"
"They don't know what they're doing"
"They're young, and dumb"
What we say... doesn't matter, at the end of the day.. We're "just kids"

Why Being A Minor Is So Difficult

2. Stereotype

People think teens are just ... unaware of life consequences - we are aware. When we go out with friends, it doesn't mean we're getting in trouble, or stealing, drinking, or smoking.. Actually, when I go out with my friends you know what we do? We go to the park 3 blocks from my house and watch the college campus students play basketball outside. They even know us and have us keep score. We don't drink, smoke, or steal.. and actually my dad let me invite a few girls and guys to a sleepover, because he trusts me. He knows I'm responsible. He knows I won't do anytthing dumb, because he actually knows I know what consequences are.

Why Being A Minor Is So Difficult
3. School

Before you skip this subject, it's not even about the bullying or the overload of work. It's about what's making us have to do it. I know a lot about this, trust me. I went through a deep depression because a family member of mine left, wilingly to another family 1 block down the street, and we see them do things as a family all the time.

Anyways, it caused me to miss a lot of school. I felt like crap and didn't even want to look away from my bed, so not only did I miss a lot of school, I failed a grade just for missing school. In school, it's like a pre-prison, literally. The food there is so dirty the teachers don't even eat it. They order their food. We can't, in fact. There are a lot of things we can't do. Like switch our classes. Maybe we're not interested in that subject, or maybe someone's picking on us. Guess what, you're a kid, go to class.

In college, you can leave. If you want go ahead and leave, nobody cares if you leave. In high school, they call security and throw you in what I like to call "solitary confinement" because that's what it is. You literally do nothing but sit in there all day, and you can't even talk for 6 - 7 hours straight.

Oh yeah, if you do magange to get past the guards and get out the building you're suspended. Oh you get suspended? Guess what, you have a court date for missing a week of school. You go to the court date and get 2 warnings. The 3rd time, guess what you get!!?

Foster care!!! Awesome, right? They force you out of your home, force you to school, and force you in class if they have to, and I dont mean force as in yell at you and demand you to... I mean literally, they will drag you out of the home. Oh you don't want to leave? Guess what? Who cares? You're a dumb a kid!!!

Getting bullied? Oh well, either go to school and be bullied, or go to foster care and be forced to school so you can be bullied. Your choice.

Why Being A Minor Is So Difficult
4. Jailbait

Now look, this one I actually kind of understand. If I had a 14 year old daughter and she was having sexual activities with a man my age like around 30-40, I'd be more than pissed. But you know teens are curious,

expecially me being into older women. I think this is very wrong to be so strict about it. I mean ok, so a teen wants to know about a woman's or man's body, why so strict?

I mean if the older person wanted pictures of a 12 - 15 year old, I understand it being weird, but if the teen is like 16 and wants picture of a woman' s or mans fully developed body, I dont see whats so wrong? I don't even think it's wrong for them to exchange pictures as long as the teens at least like 16.

Now if they want to get physical and touch each other it's different. But if they want to just learn about each other and show the teen how everything works, I don't see whats so bad about it?

I have to get ready for school now.. Yeah i HAVE to.

there's no choosing or deciding.

i have to go with

who they want me to

when they want me to

where they want me to

how they want me to

and i have no say so what so... ever

you know why?

simple answer really

because im

just a kid.

with the natural logic i have im mentally older than they are.

They allow a 16 year old to drive

but won't let him choose his own classes

you tell me what kinda logic that is? please.

Why Being A Minor Is So Difficult
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