Be A Good Problem Solver


Be A Good Problem Solver

We are faced with problems and challenges daily at home, work, school, family, and society. But in every problem there is an opportunity to learn, be wiser, stronger and better. The difference between success and failure is in how we handle our problems. Most unsolved problems still come back to haunt us with time. You cannot solve a problem by creating more problems because it will sink us to depths we may find difficult to recover. One tool needed to solve any problem is "Truth", you can also call it honesty. We need to apply the tool of honesty or truth to ourselves first, when do this, the world will see us in the right perspective and give us what truly belongs to us.

Reflect on every problem

This is simply applying your thinking ability to the problem you are facing. When you think, do so with the tool of honesty and truth. Thinking with the tool of honesty or truth gives us a picture of what should or should not be. It is like a man looking at his disfigured self in the mirror. The disfigured self is the problem, but the thinking and truth shows him exactly who he is and how he can improve himself. After looking at the mirror, when you discover your weakness and flaws, don't be shy to own them, accept your weakness and your flaws, know which area to build and develop. For example, a child who is poor in Mathematics must first accept his weakness, combine with urge to develop and improve himself, arises the question “what must I now do to be better". At this stage comes inspiration and ideas, on what to do. Think positive because positive attracts positive. In physics when the negative wire gets in contact with the positive there always an explosion, which is dangerous.

More Tools

After discovering the problem, and having the idea of what could be done, you now check your abilities. Are there things in your life that needs restructuring, abilities that were dormant that needs to be revived? For example still on the case of the child that is poor in Mathematics, he may need to revive his reasoning ability, dedicate more time to the subject, ask more questions, get answers, apply the answers to the problems, check to see if it works out. You may must also need to revive the "never give up spirit". There is no end to developing oneself, that is why we keep reading, listening, and learning to know what we missed before.

Seek Help

Help and sharing is a major part of life and there is no harm in seeking help when your problems outweighs your ability. But before you seek help try your best. Learn from people who have overcome similar problems, listen to them, know the point you missed it, go back to the problem and try to apply the solution. NOTE: no problem is solved instantly, in short nothing happens instantly in life. LIFE is a gradual process, take your battles one at a time, learn, overcome, and grow with life.

Be A Good Problem Solver
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