Tip to Job Seekers: Don't Mention LGBT Activism On Résumés!


Tip to Job Seekers: Do not place any political activism, especially LGBT activism, on résumés!
Link: https://www.takepart.com/article/2014/07/04/fake-resumes-show-real-anti-lgbt-discrimination

You may be very passionate about equal rights for LGBT people. You may even be gay yourself. Whether you are LGBT or an LGBT ally, you should not place that on your résumé, because doing so will severely limit your chances of employment. Homosexuality is still a controversial issue, despite that same-sex marriage has been legalized in all 50 states of the United States; and openly LGBT people are struggling to achieve access to jobs, adoptions, access to business services, and others.

I am not LGBT, and I am not involved with LGBT activism. It is not that I do not approve of the rights of LGBT people. It is just that I would risk my own life if I support a politically controversial cause that does not even apply to me in any way, shape, or form, and receive no benefit from doing it. There was one time on the college campus when one guy approached me on the street, asking people to sign up for LGBT rights. I politely turned it down by saying I didn't have any money. That was true; I was not employed. Why would I support a cause for people who might be my competitor?

Tip to Job Seekers: Don't Mention LGBT Activism On Résumés!

Plus, I have always been apathetic to politics in general. My paranoia with expressing strong political sentiments extends to non-activism cases too. I remember during my undergrad years, I saw a handful of itinerant college preachers who caused angry uproar among the young adult crowd. I supported neither side; all I did was silently watched for a moment and walked away. Naturally, I get suspicious and skeptical with overly friendly religious groups. I may be more open to well-established religious groups, like the Catholics, Orthodox, Protestant groups that have been around since the 1700s, Jews, and Muslims, but non-denominational evangelical Protestant groups, obscure religious sects, controversial Christian sects (Jehovah's Witnesses and Latter-Day Saints), and atheist groups strike me as "too political and politicized".

Therefore, last summer, I attended Catholic Masses and attempted to be active, so people would notice me, and I might network with them. It was a good experience, as I gained a new personal reference. However, the more I got involved with Catholicism, the more I realized it was not for me. Catholicism may seem like an ancient, mainstream religion, but listening to the Catholic radio station just gives me a headache. That radio station is peppered with politics, religious hypocrisy, and sensationalism.

Tip to Job Seekers: Don't Mention LGBT Activism On Résumés!

As a rule of thumb, I would avoid inserting political activism, especially LGBT activism, on your professional résumé. Some political activisms may be more acceptable than others, such as feminist activism (very mainstream) or environmental activism (a bipartisan issue), but I believe it is best to avoid placing them on the résumé, because you'd never know whether the hiring manager has a problem with that.

LGBT activism, on the other hand, is associated with homosexuality or rejection of gender norms, and so it will be taken more gravely. Additionally, you may consider making different résumés for different job positions. If you want to work for an organization that assists LGBT people, then LGBT activism in your personal history would be a strength, as that may indicate passion and dedication to the cause. That may be the only place where listing LGBT activism is acceptable.

Tip to Job Seekers: Don't Mention LGBT Activism On Résumés!
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  • Eugene
    Let me explain this as a person that knows a few things about unspoken rules of the business world, something that majority of GaG'ers are unlikely to know:

    Do not hire those that are involved (and even worse if they like to show it off) into something that is heavily associated with bitching and/or drama about some imaginary issues, or are mainly using bitching/drama as a main tool to achieve their imaginary issues.

    This applies to overwhelming majority of left-wingers (liberals, feminists, homos, transsexuals, racial movements (such KKK, BlackLivesMatter and other morons) and other types of mental nuts) and moslems.

    Whenever something goes against their will, they are very likely to start a negative hype around you (via bitching) and will distract you over more important matters with issues such as moslems taking a break whenever they feel like praying over 9000 times a day while giving zero fucks about customers/production, homos bugging you about some healthy colleague that doesn't share their sodomist madness, transsexuals yapping about "gender neutral" toilets that they want you to build, feminist yapping about you not giving her a raise because "patriarchy" or will see sexual harassment everywhere etc.

    It gets worse if they're absolutely useless; firing any of them will enrage them, so they'll make even more hype around you, lying left and right what kind of a terrible person you are and how terrible your company is. They're "never my fault" types of people.

    They are used to be in the spotlight with their made-up issues and that will irritate the most efficient employees, the ones that either keep company afloat, or are "almighty janitors".
    They cannot exist without bitching some issue and soon they'll find one.

    So hiring them is generally a bad decision, unless it's done for temporary PR purposes with some "grey cardinal" behind their backs controlling the person him/her even acknowledging it and when the PR isn't relevant anymore, quietly get rid of the person in a subtle way so it won't make any drama.
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    • Eugene

      without* him/her even acknowledging it.

      Dang it.

Most Helpful Girl

  • RetroDreamerXD
    Why would anyone put that, especially when that's irrelevant and has no correlation to the job at hand. College apps, it'd probably be some good. But not a good idea to mix business with pleasure. Great take!
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  • niahc
    Its obviously inappropriate to include anything religious or political on your resume. It has nothing to do with whether the employer supports your causes or not, it just make you seem like a zealot with no sense of tact or professionalism.

    I fart, and everyone knows that I fart, and everyone is okay with the fact that I fart. But if I put that on my resume, people are going to "discriminate" against me
    • Fathoms77

      Absolutely true. Political or societal affiliations have no place on a job resume, and shouldn't factor into any hiring decision. And let's face it, if it's on a resume, an employer will simply think that person is trying to leverage their "minority" status into a job.

    • Anonymous

      @Fathoms77 Professional associations may be the exception. If you are affiliated with the ASCP and want to work as ASCP-certified med tech, that professional affiliation would look great on your résumé.

    • Fathoms77

      Yes, because it's relevant. When you're applying for a job selling insurance, there's no call for putting LGBT activism on your resume. :P

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  • Cryostatic
    The problem with this study is that the resumes have too many "other" variables that are significant differences.

    If I were hiring for an office assistant, and I received these two resumes, my instant thought upon looking at Jennifer's application is "Why the fuck is an office manager applying for an assistant position?". This is a huge red flag, and I'm probably not going to bother calling her unless none of the other applicants I like pan out. I don't want an office manager. I suspect that if she's still working at her current position, she's dissatisfied there or is facing disciplinary action and is just trying to get out, and will leave for a "better" job that she's more qualified for within a few months, wasting my time. If that doesn't matter, I'm probably going to have fucking ego issues to deal with, which almost always happens when someone's working in a position they feel that they're overqualified for.

    I'm just not looking to deal with that bullshit. I want someone who WANTS the job that I'm advertising and wants to stay with it. Not someone who feels like they're "above" it.

    This study was broken and invalidated itself before it started.
  • front2back
    People actually put that on their resumes? Do they think this is what's going to happen?

    Interviewer: "LGBT Activist? Oh just what we're looking for! We need somebody to strip down half naked, cover themselves with glitter and feathers, and wave a bunch of rainbow flags around! You sound like the perfect fit! You start this saturGAY at 7am!"
  • ObscuredBeyond
    I would generally say leave most acts of any kind of activism off most résumés. It's not entirely without merit that activists are stigmatized as unstable troublemaking fanatics, and most workplaces simply can't accommodate that. I haven't been involved directly in many demonstrations, but instinctively, I limit my activism to here, DA, and Facebook. It's dangerous enough that way.
    • Anonymous

      Do you keep a Facebook account under your real name? Employers may be able to friend you undercover and look you up.

    • If they take issue with me personally solely because I read Bradlee Dean and Tim Brown, because I defended Casebolt, because I agree with Judith Reisman, because I stood up for Hobby Lobby, I agree with Abolish Human Abortion, I exposed the AGLP as an agenda parasite within the APA, spoke out against the theft of St. John's 8th and Vilet in Milwaukee, etc., they'll find out one way or another if they are that obsessed with witchhunting applicants. But why work for an employer who does that? They'll either discriminate against hiring, or they'll hire you and then abuse you.

      I faced some abuse at workplaces already. However: putting that stuff on a resume in an Obama-ravaged culture would be like putting a golden star on my resume in 1930s Germany.

    • Anonymous

      You did not answer my question.

      Do you keep a Facebook account under your real name?

  • BCRanger10
    You make some good points here. When I see users here ask about what they can do to boost their resumes, I usually tell them NOT to include activism on controversial issues, whether for OR against.

    Though I do feel like you took a bit of an unnecessary detour when you mentioned the religious groups and your feelings about Catholic radio. Maybe I missed something?
  • AleDeEurope
    It's not just LGBT, but anything that has to do with politics, activism, and all that kind of stuff.
    First of all, it's irrelevant. Employers don't give a fuck about that, unless your job is related to that, if it's not, stay away from it.
    The last thing an employer wants is an activist, they don't anyone who can rile up the employees and distract them from work.
    Also politics tend to divide people cause most people can't have a rational discussion and without it leading to hate, dislike, or something even worse.

    So it's not just about LGBT, but anything political.
    • Anonymous

      Yeah... I mentioned that in my Take.

    • I know, I was just developing a little more.

  • Anpu23
    I own companies and have been a hiring manager, and I would avoid any political activism on your resume. Because anyone who feels that strongly about anything may have problems fitting in socially in the workplace. Activism usually represents strong feelings about a subject.
  • somebodysaycheese
    WTF would anyone put activism on their resume unless its on the skills section? But why even put it on there unless it has something to with the job you are applying for. Being an activist isn't a job.
  • RationalMale
    Not only are a lot of people not for gay marriage, but gay activism has a bad name as being in your face, victim playing, and out and loud. Employers wouldn't want someone showing up protesting that the coffee cups are homophobic or something
    • mntwins66


    • @mntwins66 This Take was written by a straight woman complaining she can't do gay activism without being judged but it's those damn queers who are 'victim playing' I'm sure

  • skeptic007
    it will always be an issue
    study your history hun this isn't the first time
    the whole LGBT community is stupid in my opinion
    there doing the same thing people did in the past
    and it's gonna get destroyed like in the past
    the human race is stupid

  • Prof_Don
    To be honest, ANY type of political or social activism shouldn't be put on a resume.

    That stuff is too polarizing.
  • anonman32
    this study is bad. if you list on your resume that your are active in libertarian or anarchist movements then you will have the same results. dont make this about LGBT because much, much more activism is targeted by this than LGBT communities.
  • Azgeda
    Mentioning politics or controversial topics are generally a no-go for resumes unless you're applying for a job that dabbles in that field.
  • orphan
    smart people know when to keep their mouth shut.

  • THEALIster
    I wouldn't hire that person, because of professionalism, and I don't care about your sexual preference that will not benefit me
  • aliceinwonderland69
    I learned more from clicking the link than I did from the take. A study was conducted where two resumes were sent out to different organisations. One with more experience and qualifications as well as a history of volunteer work for an LGBT organisation. The other with less experience and qualifications with a history of volunteer work for a feminist organisation. The first resume was less likely to be offered an interview. Volunteer experience is relevant and prospective employers usually like to see it. It usually works in your favor and I have put in on CVs myself. There is no reason why someone with a history of working for an LGBT organisation should be discriminated against and no reason why they shouldn't feel able to put it on a job application.
    • Anonymous

      It is not that they should or should not be discriminated against. It is that they are, regardless of "should". So, I still go back to my original contention that volunteer experience in political activism will look bad on a résumé, especially LGBT affiliations.

    • I feel we should be encouraging people not to discriminate rather than people to have to hide things about themselves.

    • Anonymous

      That takes time, money, and most of all, power. If you are on the lower rung of society, then you should follow people's orders. You need to earn people's trust and work with them, and once you earn power, you betray the people who do not stand up with you.

  • Omar5881
    People can't ask about your sexuality and with whom you stand on job interviews that's illegal
  • Anonymous
    As someone who hires people regularly, don't put ANY type of activistm activity on a resume. It makes people who read your resume think you are too opinionated, difficult to work or get along with and easily biased.
  • Anonymous
    your basically advertising a potential law suit, same for feminist activists and MRA activists are likely to cause a law sui, BLM matter us a no no. So is mentioning a degree in women's gender studies and racial studies employers prefer you have a real degree.
  • Anonymous
    I can see that. Id be less inclined to hire someone who puts that on their cv. anyone that mixes their personal life with professional life in such a manner, I would not deem them a suitable employee.
  • Anonymous
    Where I live, people are bashed for not supporting LGBT activism/gay marriage.