The Dark Side of LGBT

The Dark Side of LGBT

The LBGT community has become, well a community, rather than a cause. This cause was created to fight for freedoms, much like the cause for Black Lives Matter.

Transgender is only in the LGBT acronym because they assisted LGB in gaining freedoms. I strongly believe that the T should be removed from the LGBT acronym to avoid confusion. Allow me to explain.

Transgender is a medicine for the sick—those who have a rare, excessive imbalance of hormones. By putting this T in LGBT, it causes a misconception that gender is fluid (as sexuality can be). That’s very far from the case. You are born a specific gender, and that is final. There is no discovery that you’re trans, nor the result of “gender euphoria” once you transition. People don’t celebrate taking anti-depressants, it’s a medicine to fix an issue with your brain. If you’re so proud of being trans, it’s highly likely that you are just attention seeking or hopping on this “trans trend.” Stop celebrating being what you so strongly believe you are.

The Dark Side of LGBT

The whole third gender thing is beyond stupid, and is only devaluing LGBT’s cause. There are two genders, and two sexes. Sex should only be medically changed in those rare, necessary cases as previously mentioned.

Sexuality, differing from gender dysphoria, is not something you are born with and is discovered throughout life. It develops based upon childhood experiences and what you are exposed to in early life. However, balanced hormones that you are born with also affect it, but not all cases. Lesbians may have more testosterone than straight women, and gays may have more estrogen than straight men. The discovery of sexuality is something can be proudly celebrated for discovering.

The acronym of LGBT causes excessive confusion. I believe that yes, transgender procedures need to be made aware of and accepted. But it also needs to be made aware that transgender surgery is high risk, irreversible, and can even be dangerous if preformed on the wrong individual.

On a further note, I’d like to mention that I consider “qu**r” a slur and that it should be treated as such, including racist slurs (e.g. n and c words).

The Dark Side of LGBT

Today, insane activists have made a brand new acronym to “include” everyone. Here it is: LGBTQQIP2SAA. At least, that’s the one I know of. (Good god, even a f***ing number.) The LGB cause was not created for the purposes of inclusion: it was built upon the purposes of freedom, not this BS.

LGBT is losing the focus of its cause due to misconception, Nazi-Activists, and resulting hate. A cause is supposed to fix a problem, not create new ones. Forget inclusion and labels. Now that’s a cause I can get behind.

The Dark Side of LGBT
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  • meesegoMoo
    I'm not sure you can understand how much respect you've earned from me with this. You might take a lot of hate because of this post, but I'm so very glad you're willing to speak your beliefs, even against a social trend. Thank you.

    My religion forbids homosexuality, but it also forbids fornication. At least there is some rational consent there. The transgender movement is an abuse of the mentally ill.
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  • Burtonfan
    It started out as we just want to be left alone and love who we love. No it more like "You mother fuckers are going to pay!!!
    Seriously interjecting their view everywhere. God damn Drag Queen story time? Get the fuck out of my public library and stay the fuck home.
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    • kibbenkat

      Exactly! However don’t let the negativity influence your view on other subjects the LGBT has jammed themselves into. Drag has been around for a longgg time. It makes fun of gender stereotypes, and was designed around theatrical humor. Women played men, and men played women. It’s a crossdressing thing, totally different from the gender thing. I’m a drag king myself, but I’m female through and through. That’s what makes the theatrical comedy! It’s not about “gender f***kery,” as the overbearing LGBT activists have made it out to be. It’s intended to play stereotypes, not mess with people’s heads. lololol

    • Berethor

      Yea tomboy girl is still a girl, and Ruby Rose's story shows how unnecessary those surgeries.

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  • MissDawn7961
    the dark side of being this way is called - going to hell - ! for these people can not go into heaven for their having this sinning lifestyle choice ! they need to read their bible and talk to God for their eternity depends on it ! Thanks
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  • SecretGardenBlood65
    I dont support lgbt
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  • Starrk
    I don't know what your sources are, but as a Psychology major, I can say that your explanation behind the causes of gender dysphoria and sexuality are incorrect. The causes of gender dysphoria are unknown but a lot of evidence is pointing toward biological, genetic AND hormonal factors. I have no idea where you got the idea that its cause was simply an "imbalance of hormones". It's a lot more complex than that.

    As for sexuality, it is generally agreed upon that your sexuality is pretty much set in stone either at birth or in early childhood. While the cause (s) of one's sexual orientation is unknown, most evidence is pointing toward genetic and biological factors as well as the uterine environment in shaping your sexual orientation. There is no evidence that suggests childhood experiences, culture, abuse, parenting style or any other social factors have a role in one's sexuality. So sexuality is not something that develops as you progress in life. It's pretty much already set in place at birth.
    So you want exclude and segregate a person because a group is willing to include that person as a part of humanity? 😗
    • kibbenkat

      Where did I say that?

    • Pretty much the whole article. About removing transgender from the group. The main reason this group exists is to point out the fact that they are human too and have the same rights as anyone else. If they remove the transgender then they risk of being just like any other segregating group who wants to encourage hate.

    • @COMMODOREII Transgenders are pretty much a separate community altogether.

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  • sixxx
    The problem is some people are just born differently and not normal. So can't really blame them too if they have deviant behavior such as lgbt, bdsm, exhib and so on. The person himself/herself also doesn't understand why he or she is like that and different with other people. It's just their unique behavior. We just need to tolerate with that as long as they do not harm or hurt you.
  • EnglundUberAlles
    If you're saying gays are superior to trannies I just have one thing to say.The Dark Side of LGBT
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    Your mytake reminds me of a former supervisor I had, He was a gay man who was racist against blacks. You can claim that my comparison is not equal but I see parallels
    • kibbenkat

      I can see where the parallels are. Definitely not related at all though

  • Berethor
    Yea, not being herosexual is one thing, while cutting one's genitals is different thing.
  • AllThatSweetJazz
    Mhm. You’re not alone. There’s the “LGB Alliance” that has been fighting the extreme trans pushes.
  • Rangers
    It's a "community" (I say that because they're so divided and always fighting amongst themselves), of untreated mental illness and BLM is a movement run exclusively by criminals. Let's get that out of the way
  • Shamalien
    it's all just become a whole wad of bullshit I want nothing to do with. Do w/e u want behind closed doors with consenting adults, but this whole 'movement' of it bugs the shit outta me. Why can't we all just agree on human freedom?
  • Okami_Kitsune
    Oh my god there ARE still people that talk sense on the subject! I can't offer much of an opinion, I can only say I agree with basically everything you listed.
  • NorthwestRider
    We found the religious nut who wants the government to control people personal lives
  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    I got nothing against grown adults BEING trans. But trans propagandists who target minors are lower than scum.
  • tiny81
    I don't care what anyone does to themselves but when they start lecturing me and telling kids if they feel different it's cause they were born the wrong sex and then let kids transition that's bs
  • Dchrls78104
    Thank God I'm a Christian: "God made humans male and female". Real Christians don't get involved in such controversies (1 Corinthians 6:9-11; 2 Timothy 2:23,24).
  • MackToday
    The whole thing was a trick from the start. Homosexuality is a birth defect, transgender probably is too, or some other form of mental illness who knows. The people putting these things together are communists. It's how they get people to do their dirty work, they look for people in a bad position and tell them what they want to hear, fill them with false hope and offer false friendship. When they're done they kill them.
  • Year3000
    Trans people are so rare anyway, who cares.
    • kibbenkat

      It should be rare, however it's dramatically increased in the past decade. Now many children have at least had the thought of being trans.

    • Year3000

      Sounds like you live in California, Oregon, or Washington, it’s decreasing in normal states.

    • kibbenkat

      @Year3000 is Florida a big one?

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  • esotericstory
    Thanks I apreciate this mytake.