Meet Spritzlet, The Reading Aid: How Fast Can You Go?


So I've been on Imgur today, not ashamed to admit that it's really the first time I've been on it other than when google images takes me there now and then. I was just going through the posts, having a bit of a giggle when I came across one that had a whole bunch of gifs.

They were pretty okay, nothing too special.

Then I came across this one.

Meet Spritzlet, The Reading Aid: How Fast Can You Go?

Now, one of the things about me that I like to take pride in is my ability to speed read. I don't mean that I will skip words and take in only half of what I'm reading just to get that fast reading score. No I mean that I can finish a full length novel in a quarter of the time most people my age can (which actually isn't as much of an accomplisment as you might think. Year twelve and my classmates still can't read).

Anyway, I managed to follow the text in the gif to the point where I realised it was advertising an actual piece of software. After that I stopped being able to keep up and the words kept running, whether I was still with them or not.

I looked it up, came across the website - - and went from there.

Essentially what it does, is you have it in your favourites bar (there is an ios app, but I haven't tried it so I won't be talking about that) and if you want to read a page, you highlight the text and click on the Spritzlet icon up there in the bar. A small window will pop up, you can choose the speed you want to read at, and hit play.

Meet Spritzlet, The Reading Aid: How Fast Can You Go?

All you have to do is keep looking at the red letters, and your mind will do the rest. That is reading the text.

If the text is too choppy, speed it up, if you're struggling to keep up and are missing words, then slow it down. It's important to find your balance otherwise this program is useless.

For example the default speed is 250 wpm (words per minute) I am able to with only slight trouble read at 300 wpm. Anything less feels choppy and takes away from the words.

Like sharing a book with someone who reads much slower than you and by the time they're ready to turn the page you've forgotten what even happened.

So hey, give it a go, the download link is here -

There's no viruses no nothing, not even an actual download.

Let me know what you think!

Meet Spritzlet, The Reading Aid: How Fast Can You Go?
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