7 Traits All Good Teachers Must Have


This in my opinion is what makes a good teacher. If you're a teacher, maybe you thinks this list is helpful. I made this list based on my experiences as a pupil and it's my advice as to how you can improve your teaching, or if you want to become a teacher.

7 Traits All Good Teachers Must Have

1) Friendliness

A good teacher is friendly and makes his or her pupils feel welcom. Friendliness is when a teacher ask how the pupils are, tries to help and understand them in addition to normal courtesy. Grumpy and tired teachers aren't considered friendly by most students.

7 Traits All Good Teachers Must Have

Be friendly and encourage your students.

2) Facial & Body expressions: Moods

It's not very pleasant when people around you are grumpy and always in a bad mood, especially not if you have to work with them. Grumpy teachers do affect the learning and environment, and pupils think it's much harder to cope with a grumpy teacher.

A good teacher tries to keep their mood good and s/he knows the body language is equally important as what comes out of their mouth. People around you can easily read body language and facial expressions.

7 Traits All Good Teachers Must Have

Good mood is a key for good learning.

If a teacher is in a bad mood, people around them can see it. Most pupils would feel uncomfortable around teachers who are grumpy. When the teacher's body language doesn't match what they are saying, it's double communication, something you should try to avoid. If you're a teacher, please mind your body language and mood. Pupils appreciate smiling and happiness, something which improves the environment and learning.

7 Traits All Good Teachers Must Have

Body languages reveals your mood and students can indicate double communication. So please mind your body languages.

3) Pedagogy

Skilled teachers know how easily they can teach students and have the ability to customize their teaching to each pupil. If the teacher wants their pupil to more easily gain knowledge, it's a nice trait to be good at explaining things. As a teacher, you should use words that are easy to understand and humor is also a good tool you can use, which makes learning a lot funnier. Some students get bored easily when it's only reading and talking, so then some pictures and films might help. Students are very different. Some pupils are practical or theoretically, but some are also both. Some like reading, while other prefer to learn things via the practical way; i.e., using their hands.

7 Traits All Good Teachers Must Have

Films, videos and pictures makes learning funnier and easier for a lot of students.

4) Action

If a pupil struggles or gets bullied at school, it's very important for the teacher take action and help the pupil. A teacher's work isn't only teaching, but also creating a good environment in the classes. If some students starts to argue, has peer pressure or experiences bullying, the teacher should try to solve the problem.

It's better to make some mistakes where you at least tried rather than ignore the whole situation. Teachers should also be objective and see the situation from both perspectives. Often pupils have several versions of the same story. If you get suspicious of the pupil's experiences - child abuse or other seriously stuff - you should also take action, not ignore it. You can tell the school's headmaster/principal, so they can report it. One little action may improve a person's life and do much.

5) Treat your students with respect

Teachers do work with other humans, therefore they should know how to treat them properly. As a teacher you should respect that your pupils have difference opinions, beliefs and subjects they struggle with. You should also be patient with them.

7 Traits All Good Teachers Must Have

6) Understanding

Even though it's difficult to understand other people sometimes, you should at least make an attempt. If a pupil e.g. thinks science is a difficult subject and you can't understand why, thinking bad thoughts about them doesn't help you or them. Instead of making fun of them or having bad thoughts, you should think people do struggle with certain things and maybe you thought some things were hard for you too when you were a student.

7 Traits All Good Teachers Must Have

The pupils can learn by you and you can learn by them. Understanding each other do improve the relationship between teachers and pupils.

If you think back to your childhood or college time, maybe it would be easier to understand. Once upon a time you were a student too. People are different and have different things they are good at. Everybody has something they find difficult. Many pupils don't want to be mean toward you or difficult; perhaps they had a tough backstory which you don't know about or they are just tired of school.

You should try to encourage them to do their best in school and tell them it's good enough, that you can't be good in everything. And try to put yourself in their situation.

7 Traits All Good Teachers Must Have

Encourage and compliments is very important when you're a teacher.

7) Balances between discipline and friendliness

Being too strict doesn't always improve the class environment. It's much better to balance strictness and friendliness. Being too friendly and not letting your pupils know the consequences may make them forget why it's important to do your best. But being too strict makes pupils less motivated and affects the well-being in a negative way.

Many teachers may think strict discipline is very important in order to gain respect. But pupils have more respect for a friendly teacher who shows them why learning is more important than strict teachers. And strict teachers often get bad rumors and nicknames.

7 Traits All Good Teachers Must Have

7 Traits All Good Teachers Must Have
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