5 Hilarious Yet Inappropriate Things Parents Have Said To Me, a Teacher

5 Hilarious Yet Inappropriate Things Parents Have Said To Me, a Teacher

I’ve made some comments on G@G over the past few weeks about my being a teacher and it got me thinking about one side of teaching most never consider. The parents. No, I don’t mean their involvement in their child’s education nor the lack thereof. I’m talking what the parents say to me. So I decided to write some of it down and share it with you for laughs and giggles. Keep in mind, the things on this list have been said to someone who is only in their 4th year of teaching. And I still have 40 more to go.

**NOTE: I understand that some of you may not find this believable, but it is 100% true. I tried to pick some that were funny, stupid, and inappropriate, but trust me, there’s way more than what’s on this list. I also choose to share this anonymously for obvious career and job security reasons.

1. “This is why children shouldn’t be allowed to be teachers.”

5 Hilarious Yet Inappropriate Things Parents Have Said To Me, a Teacher

This statement was said to me my first year teaching. Grade level? Freshman. It was during a parent/teacher conference with the principals there. It was a bit of a surprise, too, because I wasn’t informed of the meeting at all. Rather, I was pulled during my plan period. But I didn’t mind. My plan period is every day for 45 minutes. I can give up one to talk to a concerned or upset parent.

This parent, however, was pissed off. Why? Well, apparently, I told a student in my class he had to respect me because I’m the teacher and I don’t have to explain myself to him. Did I say this? No. In fact, I told the student, after he called me a bitch for giving him a detention for talking on his phone in class, that he was disrespectful and would then be getting a referral for his comment. He asked why, and I said, “You know why”.

First, she looked me up and down and told the principal, “I thought she was a student,” in which the principal laughed in response and said, “Yeah, she looks young, but she’s definitely a teacher.” No, I was not offended by this. However, this parent changed and said I was disrespectful to her child and that I should apologize. I said no. She then told me I wasn’t a good teacher if I had to speak to children that way. I told her I never said that. She then rolled her eyes and said, “This is why children shouldn’t be allowed to be teachers.”

2. “Please stop emailing me about my daughter’s behavior. I know she’s bad. Just send her to the principal.”

5 Hilarious Yet Inappropriate Things Parents Have Said To Me, a Teacher

This one happened during my second year of teaching. Grade level Juniors. And this actually wasn’t sent to me. It was sent to a colleague of mine who was instructed to send it to this student’s teachers. I usually don’t email parents as I prefer to call since most adults don’t check their emails regularly. However, our Junior history teacher always emails and calls the parents. After several weeks of no response to any of us, this parent emails our history teacher. He then sends it to the principal and asks how he should proceed.

Guess who instructed him to forward it to the other teachers? THE PRINCIPAL. Needless to say, the girl failed all of us and we never heard from the mother again.

3. “I don’t know how to make him do [his homework]. He just wants to plays Xbox all day.”

5 Hilarious Yet Inappropriate Things Parents Have Said To Me, a Teacher
During my full time student teaching, my cooperating teacher and myself sat down with a parent whose son was failing the class. He was a Senior and extremely bright, but never did any work. When my cooperating teacher asked his mother why he never does homework, she said it’s because we aren’t giving him any. When we show her the gradebook to prove otherwise, she tells my cooperating teacher, “That’s ridiculous. I think my son would tell me if he has homework because he knows better than to lie to me.” After my cooperating teacher tells her, again, we assign homework every week, she then says, “Even if you do, I don’t know how to make him do it. He just wants to play Xbox all day. He’s 17, what do you want me to do?”

Yeah, I’ll let that marinate with you for a minute.

4. “I think you failed him on purpose because you want him to be just as miserable as you are.”

5 Hilarious Yet Inappropriate Things Parents Have Said To Me, a Teacher

Time for an athlete story. One of my Junior babies from my second year of teaching hardly came to my class. He was late every day and I had him first bell, so I only saw him for 15 minutes of a 90 minute block, if I was lucky. He was late for several reasons, but his parents blamed it on lack of funds to catch the bus.

The result was a 14% in my class. The only reason I remember it after so long is because the father kept yelling the number at me over the phone. He then accused us white teachers (Note: I am not white) for failing his son because he was black, especially me since his lowest was in my room. His sons low grades all around meant he was ineligible for football, a sport he lives for. Before I can say anything, he says, “I think you failed him on purpose because you want him to be just as miserable as you are. I’m calling your principal!” and hangs up the phone in my face. I wasn’t the only teacher who got a call from him like that the same day, either.

He shows up for a parent/teacher conference and is yelling at my colleagues, accusing them of racism. I was late because he came during my class and I could only be there for lunch, but I could hear him through the conference room when I walked through the office doors. I walk in the room with all my blackness and he sits down and starts speaking properly.

And, no, we did not change the students grades as he demanded.

5. “Maybe your breasts are too big. My son likes breasts. He is a man, after all.”

5 Hilarious Yet Inappropriate Things Parents Have Said To Me, a Teacher

Last, but not least, is my personal favorite. It’s my favorite because it was said about myself and our physical science teacher in front of two male teachers. We don’t always need a principal present during a conference, so it was just the four of us and a parent who couldn’t figure out why her son was failing my class and the science class and barely passing his math and health class.

After a lengthy discussion about her son having such low grades and her horrendous attempt at blaming us, she concluded he was failing English and Physical Science because we were the only female teachers on his schedule and he couldn't focus with us walking around the room. That, and we were both in our early 20’s. She even told us, “Maybe your breasts are too big. My son likes breasts. He is a man, after all.” The male teachers ended the conference for us and told the mother that was an inappropriate comment. She tells that math teacher, “Well, he’s not gay, so…”

The Physical Science teacher had him removed from her classroom.

5 Hilarious Yet Inappropriate Things Parents Have Said To Me, a Teacher

So there you go. Just another inappropriate, yet sometimes hilarious, side to teaching that goes to the wayside. Hopefully none of you parents out there say things like this to your child’s teachers.

5 Hilarious Yet Inappropriate Things Parents Have Said To Me, a Teacher
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  • musicbrain5
    Dealing with the parents is the worst thing about being a teacher. I'm only in my first year and have already encountered a few who are real pieces of work. I have one dad who has been calling me almost daily to tell me his daughter better get A's or there will be hell to pay. A helicopter tiger dad. It's not going to be my fault if his kid doesn't put in the effort to get an acceptable grade (to him).
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    • Calling everyday? I'd file harassment charges if he doesn't stop. You're just doing your job.

    • @AlwaysBelieving I exaggerated a bit, but he calls at least twice a week with some kind of ridiculous concern. I brought up this issue to the principal (my boss) and now the administration is dealing with this family. Hopefully they can tell him and his wife to cool their jets and that the world isn't going to implode if they see a B on the report card. It's only been a month ffs.

    • Bluemax

      Have any of your friends or associates taught at a private school?

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  • Library
    So inappropriate. Now this is why some people should never even be parents.
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  • btbc92
    I can 100% + believe this! I've experienced some craziness in my days in public school K-12, and so did my parents, grandparents, aunts, etc. #1 Is extremely insulting, including #5. What does being younger have anything to do with it? You were in the right to take his phone. And if he didn't like it, he didn't need to be in your class. And if he doesn't show up, then he fails. End of story. #2 and #3 is 0 excuse. You know your kid is bad, change his/her behavior! Or they will be grounded. And if they want to cause more problems such as hang out late at night, or do other extreme behaviors, report it to police and family court. Parents needs to stop being friends and start being parents and discipline their children. You don't know how to make him do his homework. Do like my parents or father did. Disconnect the games, toys, music player, etc and take it away. Take the laptop, and anything else that has an internet compatible and make sure you change your wifi password. They want internet? Let them ask you, and limit their time on the internet [in front of you].

    With #4, allow me to do say that sadly these things do exist on the down low. Some are targeted, some are not. Some are target by the same minority. But that parent was very rude. If he personally felt that his son didn't deserve the grades he got, then he needs to prove that by continuous hard work next semester. If his grades did not improve, then it was the student, and usually the parent. However it is not easy to accuse everybody in the school compare to one or two teachers. Plus, it would have to effect at least one or more other students of similar backgrounds, not just one. Usually this had nothing to do with racism. But jealousy, envy, etc because when they were that age, they never performed at that level and had to work extra hard or they cheated to get into such positions, while some are naturally gifted. I've been there, done that, and you know what I did about this problem? Transferred schools. It was the smartest decision I ever made. My grades improved and the moment I left that school, all hell broke loose and the ones who mistreated me lost their edge and it began to show I was correct about them all along. But to assume somebody is racist by saying all ethic background of people is, there is a problem just because of some ancestors that did it.
  • BlueCoyote
    I have a lot of teachers in my direct and extended family and I'm on the long path of becoming a teacher myself. Although school generally works better in my country than in the US (I have also attended an American high school for a year), this MyTake sounds very familiar. One thing I hear over and over again from my family members and relatives is this: "I love being a teacher and dealing with the kids is great. Dealing with my colleagues and the principal is also great. We all have a very good, relaxed relationship. Heck, even doing the administrative work and talking to the government people once in a while isn't a big deal. One of the few things that I absolutely hate about this job is talking to the parents." Luckily, high school in Switzerland works in a way that teenagers are expected to be young adults (which they literally are) and take care of their own stuff, almost like in college. So the parents are much less involved and the teachers have an attitude that resembles a bit a college professor attitude ("your problem if you don't do your work"). Nonetheless, there's always room for annoying parents to meddle in of course. What I find particularly crazy about teaching is that there's probably no other job where you have to deal with so many smartasses. Nobody would dare to say to his doctor "well ACTUALLY, your diagnosis is wrong because...", nobody would dare to smartass his plumber or secretary or marriage councellor about their work. Yet, somehow, it seems completely acceptable in western society that every idiot has an opinion about how teaching works, even if they've never taken a class on pedagogy in their entire life, let alone taught an actually lesson.
  • 19magic
    I remember my head of sixth form (16-18), said I was failing in one of my classes, and had a meeting with my dad. Dad replied with I know my daughter and she works hard, but she tells me everyone in that class hasn't got higher than a D/E, in which case means the teacher is bad and not the student.
  • Relentless_Hippie
    Can you write more takes about your experiences being a teacher? This was such a fun take to read. Also, those parents are horrible! I don't understand how anyone could treat someone that way, and then they wonder why their kids fail or have no ambition. >_>
  • "He then accused us white teachers (Note: I am not white) for failing his son because he was black"

    That is really unfortunate.
    I'm sorry for what you're going through and I can relate to you (as a college student myself however).
    This is really ridiculous. Many people are just not meant to be parents.

    In my opinion being a parent or not a parent doesn't matter. It's the person, who makes the character!


    But I have a story in my childhood, where the teachers have on purpose attacked me (not physically) and had me rigged against good grades such as taking tours to study places and leaving me out and the next day we write a test about the tour, where I wasn't there and had many bad grades as a result.

    I even have not received the E's of F's signed test results unlike the other students and had my parents meeting them in the school, saying, that I was hiding these (when I told the truth prior to that).

    There were 4 teachers, that hated me and wanted me to fail and be miserable as they are. My parents stood up for me against them however. They contacted quite some organizations like social workers and family counseling and the school principal. It was a tough fight.
  • Bluemax
    Holy crow this makes me glad to be teaching in a private school. The parents of my students have been overwhelmingly thankful to me.

    About the worst comments made to me were "I thought you were gay" and upon meeting this one mother for the first time, "Hi, I'm [so-and-so]... wow! Can I just say you have great legs? I mean, do you do squats or something?"

    As to the last comment, my student, who was present, looked like she wanted to DIE. She was so embarrassed.
  • BlueLights
    OMG! This is funny but true! I also hear stories like that from a friend of mine who teaches in primary school. This just proves one thing: teaching is a stressful job. It's not only the kids you are dealing with: it's the parents and the administration. They just expect the teacher to fight in all fronts. That's just insane.

    I wrote a mytake about teaching "the Trouble with Teaching". You can visit it😊
  • DumpliingPrincess
    Teachers are some of the least respected people in the United States.
  • Hollywood-Glam
    #3 is not weird or inappropriate. It's not like she is not blaming her son for getting poor grades. She is simply saying her son is stubborn, I'm pretty sure like any other parent she would love it if her son made an effort. I don't see why you would get offended by her comment.
    • Anonymous

      It is inappropriate for a parent to tell a teacher that they don't know how to confiscate an Xbox.

    • Maybe that idea didn't came to her mind or confiscating wasn't a method that worked. Maybe she genuinely was helpless.

    • Anonymous

      She basically called us liars and said her son wouldn't lie, probably because found out that she wasn't really monitoring his schoolwork the way she should have been. Excuses are inappropriate and not acceptable.

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  • Righttobeararms83
    People talk about schools failing their kids but its more often the parents. Too many parents dont raise their kids up but more drag them expecting schools to take responsibility for the basic stuff that kids should learn from their parents such as respect, manners and discipline.
  • Nice_Guy_Last
    Good God. I've always wanted to be a teacher, but for the parents. Also, I don't care how much more public school teachers make over private school teachers, I'd take a pay cut to teach at a school where I knew at least the majority of parents actually cared and invested in their kid's education.
  • YourFutureEx
    I cannot believe how'd they say things like this. Teachers in my country are respected so much. Parents always take teachers' side unless it really is the teacher's fault.
    • This image summarizes how the average parent treats us now.


      Their child is always an angelic special snowflake who can do no wrong. I find the worst parents are those who had their first (and likely only) child in their late 30s, early 40s - so older parents. They're the worst.

    • @musicbrain5 lol it's still 1960s in my country :D
      I always wanted to be a teacher, but I'm afraid now.

    • It's a good career choice, but with every job comes downsides. Parents happen to be one of the downsides of teaching, lol.

  • Fathoms77
    I did substitute teaching for a few months. Long enough to know there was no shit way in hell I could ever do it for a living. :P
  • Red_Arrow
    I taught for a few years, but it was in a Navy Electronics school. If I had a student pull just one of those stunts he (or she) would be in a world of trouble. And of course, no parents to interfere. Teaching is easy, even if you have to really work with students who have problems learning. But when you have to put up with what you do, it ruins it for everyone concerned. I would not enjoy that environment at all.

    And it basically boils down to parents that do not have the slightest clue as to what their kids are really like, and do not care to learn. And if they did learn, they do not have the kahunas to stand up to them and take parental control.
  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    I don't mind high school age kids and wouldn't mind being a teacher for the teaching aspect, but it's shit like that that would keep me from doing that shit
  • NatashaJ
    Wow I get it school is hard but why blame the teachers and why use fuck up excuses?
  • Saoirse_Nua
    I could have taught with my university degree but it was stuff like this that put me off - Number 5 is just wow, incredible that something like that would happen
  • SnowHearth
    Good I didn't decide to become a teacher, just imagine what could have happened.
  • Zorax
    Yep, things change... sometimes it's funny, but more often it's just rude.
  • anonman32
    I dont know how i feel about this, i have had bad experiences with school.
  • QueenBeeJay
    I teach toddlers and some of those parents say wildly inappropriate things too... I could probably make my own post...
  • iCroissant
    Wouldn't it be wonderful if IQ was directly linked to sperm count?
  • OrangeBoy
    Omg.. i can't even choose the "best" one...
    Just incredible and sad.
  • enis_Penvy
    Best myTake ever lol
  • Adigelunar
    rGood post
  • lumberman9
    Bless you for putting up with this wow
  • lazermazer
    Lol, and i was considering being teacher.🤣
  • Anonymous
    In the U. S., that's pretty standard stuff. My brother used to teach, and he had people threaten gun violence, turn over chairs in a rage, turn off lights in a windowless classroom, a student come into his room with a pencil sticking out of his cheek (stabbed my a rival gang), students break a teacher's arm, students steal teacher cars...

    Just a normal day there. And yet teachers are supposedly the problem in education... ugh...