5 Honest Facts About Being A Med Student


5 Facts About Being A Med Student

1. We don't get any sleep

You are probably gonna say that no student ever gets any sleep. I can't speak for everyone, of course, but I don't know anyone besides my fellow to-be doctors that have a class on Monday at 6:30 am. As a result, we spend a lot of our time in school catching up. Here are some examples from my school:

5 Honest Facts About Being A Med Student
5 Honest Facts About Being A Med Student
5 Honest Facts About Being A Med Student

Yup, that last one is me.

2. We have no idea what we're doing

When taking your blood, measuring your blood pressure or doing some other simple task they let the students do (in my country at least), we don't really know what we're doing. It's kind of an estimated guess, really, when looking for a vein or listening to the sound of your breathing in the stethoscope. Thankfully, the doctors who already have their degrees are always there to check on us.

5 Honest Facts About Being A Med Student

3. We are all hypochondriacs

Learning about viruses, genetic disorders and diseases, you get a bit paranoid. You're feeling really calm, just casually studying a bit, and suddenly, you're convinced that you're dying of 12 diseases at the same time. It's kind of like trying to check your symptoms on WebMD, except you can't just close your laptop when you get paranoid. Also, trying to self diagnose is a thing. And it fails 100% of the time, it takes so long to get the degree for a reason.

5 Honest Facts About Being A Med Student

4. We live off of coffee

This one is definitely true for more than just med students. There were days I haven't consumed anything but coffee, cigarettes and antidepressants. Not surprisingly, it gets stressful when you need to know 1500 pages by heart for a single exam. And when things get a little better, and we actually have time to eat, ramen or frozen pizza are the key ingredients to any student's food pyramid.

*yes, I know coffe and cigarrettes and instant noodles are bad for my health, and that as a future doctor I shouldn't be doing those things, I've heard a thousand times, thank you*

5 Honest Facts About Being A Med Student

5. We are still just like you (kind of)

Even though we have a shit ton of stuff to read up on, we don't have time to eat and sleep, and we complain how impossible everything is, we still procrastinate like crazy. When I watch House M.D. it's basically studying right? I mean differential diagnoses and stuff.. Also, there are very few of us (at least in my circle of friends) that would dare to miss a party. I mean sure, pathological physiology is important but it's ladies night at the bar just around the corner and there's shots for $1!!

5 Honest Facts About Being A Med Student

Take this myTake with a sense of humor please. I wrote this based on my experiences in my first 2 years of studying medicine, so not everything I said will apply to everyone everywhere. As always, I'm just expressing my opinion on the matter :)

5 Honest Facts About Being A Med Student
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  • Anonymous
    Although I am not a physician, me degree is certainly in the medical field. I drank a lot of coffee, and even smoked cigars for the nicotine while in school. I was not quite that sleep-deprived as my major was not as hard as medical school. I gave up the cigars after I graduated and started working, as I guess I no longed needed the nicotine, thankfully. Of course I still drink coffee... LOL... I remember usually after a big exam, other students and I would hit up a bar downtown, as long as there wasn't another big test that week.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • justagirl5
    I have so much respect for med, engineering, etc. students. Math and science are so technical. I'm in English and I think I have a lot to do with reading and writing but I get to bypass all the memorizing and labs and all the stuff you guys have... you guys are dedicated
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  • TadCurious
    This was very interesting and you wrote it with a lot of humor! I do have a question though. In the U. S. people don't go to medical school until they have at least a Bachelor's Degree. So most people don't begin med school until they're 23 or later. Is it different in your country? Do people begin studying medicine right out of high school? I ask that because your profile says you're 19.
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    • JulieXO

      Yeah, we go to med scholl right after we graduaate highschool, but it takes 6 years. I think it's 4 in the states but I'm not sure.

    • TadCurious

      Okay, thanks for that information. Yes, in the U. S. medical school is 4 years.

    • karahiri

      The US has a handful of BA-MD and BS-MD programs that students can enroll in straight after high school. They typically last 6-8 years- these kids earn their MDs as early as 24 lol.

  • MrOwens
    Before I Finished my MD and specialty. I had no life. It was sleep, study, books and clinical, and hands on. It was tough and yes I can really relate to "I don't know what I am doing!" Hang in there!
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  • bubbletrouble
    True. I have a friend still in med school and she's addicted to Starbucks. I wanted to be one myself but didn't think I was smart enough and plus its 10 fuckin years.

    Good luck!
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  • beachflamingo
    As a premed student, I already live like this. One more year and I can officially call myself a medical student.
  • Redstang88
    Not in medicine, but I can totally relate to the schedule. Working +75 hrs/wk while still dealing with the family business. Gone through plenty of days on coffee and beer.
  • RainbowFanGirl
    I plan on going into nursing so this is rather helpful? :P
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  • karahiri
    Should also mention the inability to eat chicken after months of dissection lol.
    • JulieXO

      this hasn't happened to me personally :D

  • blutwolfe
    lol sleep


    all I do is study for my major (biochem) and work all the time, I feel rested if I get like 5 hours of sleep
  • normalice
    we have a lot of med students here at my university. A lot of this seems spot on..
  • SovereignessofVamps
    I've heard how horrible the scheduling can be. Wow.
  • kinggeorge007
    My sister is a medical student. So yes I know most of them are true.
  • capturemyheartnow
    It's a noble profession. Hard work as a student now will give you the thrill of saving lives later.
  • bedroomdweller
    As a microbiology student I sympathize with all of this. Good take.
  • Waffles731
    A family friend is going to be a doctor, not sure what point he is at yet
  • goldfinch23
    Nice MyTake 😉
  • bruce3
    cool post
  • Adigelunar
    good one
  • SimonPaula
    nice share :D
  • Sdoralguy
    Wait until you get into your clinical years... lol
  • MissSakura
    well done
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