How You Have A Lot Of Leisure Time


If you are reading this, then you are probably one of the people who have a lot of leisure time.

What is leisure time? Leisure time is any time spent on something not directly related to survival. Survival-related tasks include sleeping, eating, and seeking food.

How You Have A Lot Of Leisure Time
Out of all 24 hours in a day, you probably spend approximately 8 hours sleeping, plus/minus 2-3 hours.

Assuming that you take your 8 hours of resting time, that leaves 16 hours in the time budget.

Now, you have 8 hours (if you have a full-time job) or 6 hours or less (if you have a part-time job); and your job is usually not linked to direct survival either. Instead, you use your job to earn little figures on the screen and then use these figures to trade for commodities, such as food and clothing. But do you really have to do your job? No. Instead of slaving away all day for another human, you can look for food and shelter like the raccoons and rats on the streets. But you choose not to do that, because you want to live in society. Society gives you security, sense of belonging, and possibly a mate. Arguably, society may force you to contribute to society, because if you don't, then you'll be seen as a trespasser (if using private property without permission) and get locked up in prison (captivity). Ultimately, it all boils down to what you value most. If you value staying alive, then you will be happy in prison, because the prison will feed you, clothe you, give you medical care, and assume that you will get along with your inmates. If you value freedom, then you should follow society's rules. Either way, society dominates over you, so you can't run away from society and live by yourself in the wilderness.

How You Have A Lot Of Leisure Time
You should have the remaining 8 hours more or less to do whatever you want. How should you spend that time? Since food is very important, you should spend some of that time in searching for edible food. Gathering food should be your foremost priority. Try to think of yourself as a squirrel and just gather as many acorns as possible for the coming winter. Another big thing to invest in is protection/security. You should know how to defend yourself. Having food and self-defense skills should be at the top of your to-do list, if you want to survive. Though, if you live in society, then society can offer a cushion of security. If one person threatens to harm you, then you can always call law enforcement to deal with this issue.

How You Have A Lot Of Leisure Time

So, in your leftover time, your highest priority should be securing a food supply. Ideally, the best food supply is to use some of your income to buy food at the supermarket. Try to eat a variety of foods - whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and animal products. Though, digging in the dumpsters is also an option, but that depends on the amount of food waste generated by the supermarkets and restaurants. There should be no excuse why you can't find food. Even if you can't find food in your location, then you should move elsewhere. Even the birds of the air and elephants of the land move around to find food. We are animals. Looking for food should be our top priority in survival. Just remember this: food is everywhere. You just need to find it by thinking like a rodent. However, I must add that we may have to sacrifice something. Like a rodent that gets tossed into a rat cage, we may be thrown into prison for trespassing on private property. Like I said before, it really boils down to what you value most. Do you value your freedom, or do you value your life? If you want to stay alive as long as possible, then you may have to sacrifice your freedom by living in a prison cell. If you want freedom and go into the wilderness, then you may risk your life. It is not an easy choice, as you cannot have both.

How You Have A Lot Of Leisure Time

If you are very efficient in securing a good food supply, then you can pursue other endeavors, like finding even more efficient ways to secure food or protecting your belongings from others. You may treat yourself to entertainment too. One way to entertain yourself is to pretend that your hands are hand-puppets. With a little bit of imagination, you can tell stories with your hands. It's a solo form of entertainment, but it works!

How You Have A Lot Of Leisure Time

And there you have it. That's how you spend your day. That's how you have a lot of leisure time. You have time, because you make time for the things that you value most.

How You Have A Lot Of Leisure Time
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