Signs of Pyramid Schemes and Scams


If you've struggled to find a job or looked for sales jobs, you've probably interviewed or maybe even worked for a pyramid scheme/scam. Most of the time they are a place you've never heard of and have nearly 100% turnover.

I've interviewed for a lot of these and have gotten wiser at the signs so I know who to avoid so I don't even waste time interviewing with them.

Signs of Pyramid Schemes and Scams

1. They usually pay 100% commission or a very low base.

If you've worked in sales like I have, you know you have good weeks and your bad weeks. What keeps me going is having a steady hourly pay/salary plus the commission so that way my effort and work pays off. I'd never take a job where I'd put in all the hours and risk making nothing if I get no sales. You'd be better off bartending or working a minimum wage job. You at least know you're getting paid.

I've also had other places say we pay min. wage or commission which is ever higher while working at a kiosk in a wal-mart or sam's club.

2. They have a generic name that includes words like marketing or inc.

Vector Marketing is one of the biggest ones that sells Cutco knives. But most of the schemes I've interviewed with contained those words or had some generic name. It isn't always easy to tell, but always research the company on glassdoor.

3. The job description, website, and phone interview is very vague.

If their website or job listing has no info about the position, I'd be super skeptical. If the person you have a phone interview refuses to tell you the job details till you come in, I'd be way more skeptical. A lot of these I'd apply for on indeed, zip recruiter, etc and they would tell me nothing about the position till i have a face to face interview. If they do have a description, it's the generic where a marketing solutions firm that represents fortune 500 companies. That should be an alarming sign.

4. You have to pay for the job.

No one should EVER have to pay for a job. You are giving them your time, talent, and services. You are an asset to a company, not a liability.

5. No website or email.

Kinda hard to make yourself look credible when you don't have any of these.

6. They seem really desperate to hire you and offer you a job on the spot.

Unless you know someone personally and they give you the job, most jobs take awhile to hire people. They don't just hire people instantly. I mean some hire quicker than others, but I've had times where I've had interviews and they'd tell me how I'm perfect for a job within 10-20 minutes of a first interview or offer me the job at the end of the interview. That's like going on a date and them telling you you're perfect boyfriend/girlfriend material. Rather desperate.

7. Too good to be true.

Self- explanatory but if you a place where the reviews say there are no cons and how it's the best job ever, they are full of shit. I don't care what job you work at or how great the pay is. There's at least some cons of any job.

Signs of Pyramid Schemes and Scams

There you have it. If you're struggling to find a job, look out for these as they prey on people really needing a job.

Signs of Pyramid Schemes and Scams
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