:* 5 Signs YOU Are A Loser


Heyy babies and my dear fans on G@G who are many <3 <3

Just wanted to tell you I luv u all before I start describing 5 traits of losers <3

The definition of a loser for many people seems to be different. Some people believe that a loser is someone who has no money, no job, no family and no friends. I actually think this way too, but I added some more traits lmfao. I think a loser is also someone who does not know how to communicate with others, has a big social circle just because of family status or money (like many bitches in my own social circle but they are respected little to not at all haha). Also a loser is someone who does not know how to love (such as a MGTOW or a WGTOW). Love is the root of life itself. Doesn't matter if you're broken, glued after it, broken again then knitted...Love is always there. Someone who does not appreciate love, to me "it" is a loser!

Qualities of a loser

1. Unnecessary gossip and slander

:* 5 Signs YOU Are A Loser

*I am not talking about teen girl gossips about boys*

I live in Albania and we are well known for old women who gossip the fuck outta *everyone* . I mean come on lol! In my opinion people who take care of other's personal stuff are losers because they don't have problems or worries for themselves to solve. Having no problems/worries at all means you have no life, therefore you're a loser!

2. Chronic pessimism and desperation

:* 5 Signs YOU Are A Loser
:* 5 Signs YOU Are A Loser

These people are missing out on the beauty of life! Pessimism and desperation is paralyzing and it immediately drives people off. Since we are on G@G I'm gonna give the example of this dude on here but I won't give names cause it's inappropriate. He is old enough to know that he's a man goddamn it! He is the most desperate person I have ever seen, super easily manipulated by everyone on G@G and asking questions all day showing his desperation about people who stop talking to him. Showing "depression" just because someone on G@G stops talking to you? Dafuq?!...

3. No ambitions

:* 5 Signs YOU Are A Loser

No man is an island...

That Quote ^ means that we have a direct influence on the people around us. By sharing quality of no ambition, we are very actively and directly taking away from, and polluting, anyone we come in contact with. Ambition is the root of shaping of a human being. Ambition and education! If you have no ambition and EGO to do stuff then you are not living!

4. Mean and hateful

:* 5 Signs YOU Are A Loser

Walking around like a ticking time-bomb, waiting for a look, word, or an impression to light your fire and set you off is no way to live. You may get off to the thought that you're always right and you're the best but that remains inside of your walls. People out are just gonna enjoy your show...

:* 5 Signs YOU Are A Loser

5. Closed mindedness

:* 5 Signs YOU Are A Loser

Our perception is divided into 3 parts (attribute goes to my psychology awesome prof for this), what we know, what we know we don’t know, and what we don’t know we don’t know. If you’re closed minded you forget about the third one, that which you still have not discovered, even conceptually. If you refuse to accept that you don’t know everything (ARROGANCE), your life will be dark forever...

Start doing a short analysis of yourself...

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:* 5 Signs YOU Are A Loser
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