10 Signs Your Girl is No Good

Unconfident, unsure, and inexperienced guys will stay in a bad relationship for far too long and feel like they're wrong to walk. So they stay there until the girl does all the hard work, makes them feel bad and thus put all the emotional guilt on the guy. What these guys need is assurance they're doing the right thing. This article will confirm your suspicions, gentleman.

A rule of thumb before we go into this is two big strikes within a few weeks and she's out. Nobody wants to wind up unhappy and I don't what that either. Another pointer is that this article is for the kind of guy who likes women and wants to settle down with the right girl. If you're the sleeping around type, bluntly put, get out and run your short game because you're wasting time here.

So, here it is in no particular order:

1. She has issues with her father

This is a big big problem. A girl who has problems with her father generally has a lot of guy friends and doesn't respect boyfriends at all branding most of them assholes. She's nice for now but when you break up with her she'll be carrying the emotional weight from the break up as well as the reminder of the bad relationship she has with her dad. Stay well away and believe me when I say she'll turn psycho in a split second. No, she's not misunderstood. She's crazy.

2. She doesn't talk with any of her exes

You meet a sweet girl, she's so nice and you find out her last seven boyfriends are "idiotic, stupid, and treat women badly" - where's the common factor here? Her. If a girl can't be civil with any of her ex-boyfriends, unless they all hit her (unlikely, but possible), you've got damaged goods on your hands. What guys ignore is that when you listen to a girl's relationship history, you can often find out where you'll be if the future takes a trip down South
You find out her last 7 boyfriends are "idiotic, stupid, & treat women badly." Common factor here? Her.

3. She nags on you to call more and make more of an effort

When you start calling more frequently, suddenly, she's busy herself. You bring up the same point calmly and she shouts at you. Rinse and repeat. If she's playing that card she wants more control. And you don't want a controlling woman around.

4. She's making excuses

A girl is never too busy to meet up with a guy she likes. Ever. She'll have a slot of time somewhere and deep down I know every girl knows that. "Doing something else" translates to "I've lost interest". If she's still dating you because she likes you she'll tell you when she's next free immediately after invitation to date. If she doesn't and lets you know later, she's got nothing else to do and know you're going to help her fill her time.

5. She started dating seriously at an early age

She's funny, sweet and attentive. Relationships come up and you talk about the first time you can seriously say you were in love. She says 15 and he was...wait...twenty? Girls who date older guys early get hurt early. They're carrying around preconceptions all men aren't good because of this one bad experience (To be honest, they're not far wrong. A lot of guys are bad in this day and age) so think about what's going to happen to you.

6. She tells you everything about her exes

There's nothing you don't know about her exes. You ask and she tells you all about them. Their dirty little secrets, their bad habits and the horrible things they used to do to her. Now, hypothetically, let's say you two broke up. Whose dirty washing is going to be aired next? Yours. If nothing's sacred to her, once it's all over, you won't be either

7. She doesn't value sex

"It's just sex", she says. She's disinterested and it seems more like a process to her than anything else. No decent girl is used to putting out to guys she doesn't have a connection with. If it's purely physical to her then think about why she's got that idea into her head.
10 Signs Your Girl is No Good
If she knows you're onto her, she'll double check her story which puts you in a bad position. Don't overreact and loose ends will untie themselves. If they don't, you've got a liar on your hands.

8. She lies

Women are absolutely great at being sociable and will pick out untruths whenever they can be it subtly or obviously. I sometimes say to my flatmate what I'm having something for dinner and change my mind six hours later - she'll pick up on it. How the hell is she supposed to care what I'm eating after a full day? When it comes to interactions with people a girls memory is subconsciously flawless. The only time it isn't is when it's not the truth. If the same story rolls by twice but has a major difference, keep quiet about it. If she knows you're onto her, she'll double check her story which puts you in a bad position. Don't overreact and loose ends will untie themselves. If they don't, you've got a liar on your hands.

9. "You left the TV on when you left. Are you some sort of IDIOT?"

When she picks a fight over the smallest things, something's up. If it's a problem she can sort out easily and she gets angry about it, it's time to leave before she comes at you with a wine bottle. One thing to remember is that if she's shouting at you, you don't have to shout back

10. You don't know any of her friends

If a girl loves you she'll show you off to her friends; being social creatures they like to show everybody else how great you are. You don't know any of her friends and you've been dating a while something's amiss. The time period doesn't matter, so long as you don't know any of her friends, you're still on trial and so's she.
10 Signs Your Girl is No Good
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  • LyricDollie
    No. 10 isn't 100% correct. Not all of us are super sociable creatures. I'm the type of person who believes in quality of quantity and if I feel that they aren't of "quality" they don't get considered a friend. I even have a super close friend that actually matches pretty much all of those. To be introduced to her in a sense yes the man or woman would have to be "off trial" due to the fact that I've had her try and go after my men and women before even though she's only straight. Yes I know I probably shouldn't consider her a close friend but at the same time I know why and understand the reasons behind her actions and would rather be a decent person and help her grow into something better than that. I have a total of like 3-4 close friends for good reason the rest are all aquaintences. Also with the daddy issue thing... That's not 100% either. My father was never a part of my life and for good reason although at the same time I've had two very important people in my life that were father figures to me. It's all a matter of situation, actions, reactions, and opinion.
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  • Miss_All_Time_Low
    "You left the TV on when you left. Are you some sort of IDIOT?"

    I love your sense of humour. ;)

    I must say - a great, non-woman-bashing article! Ahhh, how refreshing. You've nailed almost all of those which is surprising ... and well-done.

    As for the first. Don't put everybody under the same roof. There are many girls who either have no father, or had a less-than-great relationship with him. The funny thing is, these are the ones who want to work that much harder for a relationship.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Keeper23
    So, she's got a ton of guy friends, most of whom are ex boyfriends (some she's only dated for a month or maybe less, but "valued her friendship with them more"). Apparently huge issues with her parents? Like think about as serious as you can and she's got it, but then they get her an iPad for her birthday? I haven't met any of her friends. Dating almost three months. These ex's that she's so close with, some are in love with her and she will seek comfort from them one on one when I'm not around
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  • eldamien
    This list is perfect. My ex had like, 8 out of 10 of these traits, and I've cut off ties completely because of that. Especially number 10. Huge red flag, guys.

    Also, to all the people talking about the "daddy" issues, if the shoe doesn't fit, stop putting it on. He's talking about girls that have real issues with their dads, so stop qualifying your relationship with your dad if its not an issue.
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    • DakotaNorth

      What list? It wasn't shown. Or was it deleted?

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  • CubsterShura
    Good take! But I don't necessarily agree with 2, 5 and 10.

    2) If someone doesn't want to keep touch with her exes she shouldn't have to do it. But I agree that shitting on your ex unnecessarily is a bad thing. To my current boyfriend I did tell him what I disliked about my exes, but I also told him what made me fall for them too. Didn't mean to throw shade at any of them except the one that cheated on me.

    5) People have a problem with teenage girls being NOT serious in relationships but people also have a problem with teenagers being serious? Yes I understand that bad experiences at a young age can lead to heavy disappointments and a form of distrust but it doesn't make her bad or 'no good'.

    10) As a girl who has been bullied throughout her school life, I have no reason to talk about my relationship with people. None of them care about me but come and ask me stupid questions and annoy me like 'OMG YOU HAVE A BF? WHAT IS HIS NAME? WHAT DOES HE DO? WHAT IS HIS FACEBOOK PASSWORD?' Oh. My. God.

    Again, you have good points, but it's just good to not judge every girl negatively for these traits. We all are different and have issues that you may not even be aware of.
  • maybeTransparent
    I won't nitpick at the others because, although some of them may come off as offensive, you did clarify negative behaviors behind them. It's never good to be with someone who's judgmental, insecure, or doesn't respect others. However, perpetuating stereotypes, like saying a girl who has issues with her father isn't emotionally stable, also isn't the best way to go about explaining your point. It makes you look biased, which detracts from your argument, and I'm sure that was not your intent.
  • maybeTransparent
    No. 7 is true, but not for the reason you listed. Someone only interested in casual sex probably wouldn't want a serious relationship. Also, a girl who has promiscuous sex is not inherently less "decent" than a girl who uses sex to express love. She could just as easily be as good of a person as someone who wants an emotional connection during sex. The two aren't mutually exclusive, and just because someone has different ideas about what sex means than you do, doesn't mean she lacks morality.
  • Irrelevance
    Wow. A lot of responses.

    I wrote no particular order - please please PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THAT.

    I never said this was a gospel account. So everybody relax.

    A lot of people are missing the point - the problems with your dad isn't because you hate your dad. It's because when you get angry emotional weight carries over from everything, hence, why it's a big danger.
  • mattdzz
    I'd agree that if she sees sex as nothing more than a fun physical act, she's garbage, but I disagree that being civil with exes is a good thing. I'd never tolerate my girlfriend even speaking to an ex. If they cross paths she better look the other way and keep walking.
  • AmberRose82
    Although my father was frequently absent and not in my home, he always cared about me. We went to play tennis or jogging or shopping. He'd buy me nice things and he always sent me postcards. He was also always solid financially and professionally. He was an English and History teacher with a Master's degree and active in his guild. He would sometimes give me harsh advice but it was always for my best. He said that all he ever wanted for me in life is to be able to have a choice and be free to make my own decisions. He worried about me a lot and the impact my mother's divorce had on me, but he was also always praising when I did things well especially school work or sports. He was always encouraging of me being fit and active, trying things and going out with friends. I think this quality is reflected in all my exes. All of them without exception were high caliber people with a good work ethic and high aspirations. I don't think I've ever dated a guy who wasn't to some degree a gentleman or at least, respectful of some sort. There were mistakes and also arguments at times, but I can say with good conscience I'd be friends with all my exes. I'm honestly glad to say this because for the longest time I thought of myself as a hoe, damaged or bad because my parents are divorced, but it's made me work all the harder at my marriage.
  • ShootingStar5
    Pretty good article, but I disagree with your #1. I think it makes sense on the list, but def not as #1. Sometimes daddy issues can really mess a girl up, but not always. So it's not definite indicator of a bad girlfriend and it doesn't always mean she's crazy either. My dad has been absent from pretty much my entire life, so yeah I'd say I have daddy issues. I also have mostly male friends. But I DO respect my boyfriend and I DON'T think all men are assholes, especially not my man.
    • I think an absent father is one thing, but if the father treats his kids like crap, especially the daughter, it will affect her in negative ways, she won't trust guys or she will cheat on guys about how her father has treated as a "payback" thing. I've seen many girls and dealt with girls who acted this way.

  • Exquisite
    Wake up to reality, relationships aren't always about sex. If you want a TRUE, SERIOUS, and AWESOME relationship, communication is key. It depends on the person...in your case...you value girls that are completely perfect in your eyes.

    EVERYONE lies, cheats, and makes mistakes. Sure, the women can have issues with her father, but it doesn't make her a bad person. Sorry, this was article was poorly written, and needs to be sharpen in a much clearer sense.
  • gonaners16
    Umm... #1. No. I've cut my dad completely out of my life because he chose his girlfriend (now wife) over me, and he let her manipulate him. It was too stressful trying to patch everything up when we would just end up arguing again (my dad and I or his b*tch and I, or switched). I don't talk to/about him at all... and it has no effect on my relationships.
  • Mande1985
    Yeah, the first one definitely depends on certain things. Such as what has happened to her. My father and I don't get a long and never will. I have issues with HIM and not anyone I date. I don't compare the two. And a lot of these are good but have exceptions. Such as dating at an early age. I started dating at 13 but didn't fall in love until I was 19 (which was also my first serious relationship.. it was all dating before that). So again, all good but some have exceptions (except lying).
  • amyluvsgaskarth
    I pretty much agree with this entire thing. the first one.. it can be true, but it doesn't always have to be. A girl can't change her past. If your talking about the father being in the girl's life, she doesn't have anything to do with that. It depends on how she handles it... Cause if guys didn't date every single girl who had father troubles, that'd wipe out practically half of all girls, including myself =\
  • v0nDutch
    8. Nobody's memory is perfect, because of objective information passing through the ego, and becoming personalized & biased. Plus, the truth comfortably changes, as we perceive an event from memory different ways. A liar always has a story and sticks to the same story every time. So inconsistency can actually be a sign of truth. And perfectly consisten stories can actually be a sign of a liar.
  • WeaponZero
    My main question with the article is, how in the hell did you manage to limit this list to ONLY ten things? If it were me it would have been 3-4 times as long, at least.

    Great article overall, although I have to disagree with #1 because it just isn't as applicable in the modern world.
  • Prisca
    4. A girl is never too busy to meet up with a guy she likes. Ever.?? Duh. Girls have their lives too. Sometimes they cannot give you an exact time unless they're really sure they can make it. She may have something that is more important to her life, like work and family problems?

    With regards to 2. Also I don't talk to my ex (I have only one) because he is really an idiot who treats women badly. BUT I AM SMART ENOUGH TO KNOW THAT NOT ALL GUYS ARE LIKE THAT. Please don't stereotype girls.
  • toulouse
    "Doing something else" translates to "I've lost interest". If she's still dating you because she likes you she'll tell you when she's next free immediately after invitation to date. If she doesn't and lets you know later, she's got nothing else to do and know you're going to help her fill her time.

    - Contrary to repulsively popilar opinion, women do have lives outside of separate from & along side of men... We can actually have schedules that must be referred to prior to arranging a date.
  • toulouse
    7. She doesn't value sex.

    "It's just sex", she says. She's disinterested and it seems more like a process to her than anything else. No decent girl is used to putting out to guys she doesn't have a connection with"

    - Does not mean she is putting out.... She could have been abused.
  • toulouse
    1. Stay well away and believe me when I say she'll turn psycho in a split second- not misunderstood. She's crazy.

    - How will this manifest itself?

    2. Every now and then, you think about future and see her-You cut down on calls for to make sure you have enough time to work hard and provide for both of you.


    4. She's making excuses- A girl is never too busy to meet up with a guy she likes. Ever

    -Whats up? Why can a man work because he CARES, but a women is just ditching the guy?

  • haleyb
    I agree almost 100% with this article, except one small detail. That is that girls with father issues are crazy. I hope you meant it as a hyperbole, but if you didn't, you should realize that having father issues, while it makes her bad girlfriend material, doesn't mean a girl is crazy.Still, I really hope this article reaches a lot of guys. Maybe they'll believe it from a man's POV, because I've had close friends who have been deeply hurt by girls I've tried to warn them about - maybe my fault.
  • johnny_hustle
    Annleigh if you wanted out of the relationship just end it, simple as that. id rather have a girl break my heart and be honest, then be living a false relationship.

    my ex is 1,2,4,5,6,7,8, and sometimes 9... one problem for her though was I knew her friends. because her friends ratted her out real fast because she was cheating and none of them were going to let her get away for treating me like that.
  • Epiphanies
    Excellent. Although I'd say you could list of twenty more of these at least.

    As for the first one, it is true but only to an extent. It depends on the type of issues and her reactions to them. If she has an extremely volatile relationship with her father and it seems as if many of her issues and problems are directly related to her relationship (or lack of relationship) with her father- then you have something to worry about.
  • Brendi87
    Pretty interesting. This can be applied to men as well =) The exes thing is weird, but I know not to get into a relationship with a guy who cuts them off like nothing because I wouldn't want to be that girl. Some people break up and then find out they've made a mistake, and work it out the 2nd time around. Mind you, I said some. For things to work, both of their bad behaviors had to change.
  • kaylee_rose
    #1 is so not true. there are so many girls out there with daddy problems.. that doesn't mean that they're all crazy and none of them deserve boyfriends! Don't write from your experience, because that is a bias, and biases are signs of a sh*tty article (:
  • Nakai
    I don't see why this is about Women , in particular. I could easily you flip it around to men in a heterosexual relationship. homosexual relationship, trans, hermaphrodites - and still want out of the relationship.

    I don't think you're making bad points, but these are very fluid recommendations you're making... you can apply this advice to any sex in existence.

    Wouldn't you, if you were a Woman dating a guy like the character you have presented here?
  • IHateMeganFox
    Wow how rude number one is- I have issues with my dad and it doesn't mean sh*t. That's pretty rude to say. My dad left my mom and me when I was 2 and he was a heroin addict and alcholic my whole life getting thrown and getting in to car accidents numberous times. I can't help that, its part of what makes me, me. I may have a lot of guy friends but that doesn't mean I flirt with everyone and I have respect for boyfriends and I don't "brand them assholes" so no, your wrong.
  • Maddygirl
    Sooo if her dad is a rapist or a molestor or drug abuser or abusive or if he abondoned or hurt her in some way, so they have a bad relationship, she's pschyo, its all her fault and you shouldn't date her? Get f***ing real asshole
    • Unit1

      I was thinking the same.

  • RamintaDrawings
    I do not agree with no 4. I am at uni studying informatics, my boyfriend does it as well. Trust me, we both do not have time, and we understand it. We do not get suspicious or angry that the other can't meet up at that exact moment. It is called being an adult. For me, it would be more suspicious if another person COULD meet up whenever I would suggest it...
  • dwiller943
    This is bullshit. It's not my fault my dad is a piece of shit. And no matter how soon or late I start dating makes no difference. And most girls who are worth it, are usually made to feel like they have other choice but to make shitty choices in guys.
    • lightbulb27

      Fair. I Think he is saying unresolved issues with a poor father. There are ways to get past that. Realize everyone has their wounds from childhood that impact us in our behavior until they are resolved. Some girls have sucky fathers and it can impact them. May take many years to resolve it. Check out the singer Jewel's story to see an example of how she over came. Doesnt' mean you are a bad person, it does mean there may be more turmoil w/ boyfriend than if those deep rooted emotions aren't resolved. that's my 2 cents after being around a few women... And realize the guy writing this is not perfect either, he has flaws, guys have mommy wounds, daddy wounds, etc..

  • christina_d
    First one is not true. My dad and I have a bad relationship but I don't carry it around and let it affect me or my love life. some of the stuff in there is great, couple things I think sound a little like somebody had one too many bad experiances with b*tches, either way good info to consider but its general, not true for everyone.
  • Gregs
    It's true, another good sign to watch out for is how the girl treats her pets especially dogs. If she has the dog neutered and never lets it out of the house or, god forbid, hates dogs, its a good warning sign to look for
  • GuyAdviceFromGuy
    "Holy f***ing sh*t, you just blew my f***ing mind" --George W Bush, Harold and Kumar escape G Bay

    I totally f***ing agree with you on 3 and 4. Wow, awesome article, you should read mine, totally unrelated but just as interesting.

  • Irrelevance
    Secondly, FirstLastOnly, you, as a modern day woman, are telling me that if you met Jonny Depp or Robert Pattison or anybody you are truly star struck by, hit it off and they asked you out, you'd be too busy to reschedule? Ever?
  • FirstLastOnly
    Disagree hugely with number four. I work a lot and have some familial pressures on me, and I know a lot of other girls are in the same boat. It really shouldn't be hard to imagine a girl actually having some sh*t to do that takes priority over dating.
  • Kiran04
    I'd say #2 is actually a good thing. I don't talk to my ex's either. The last thing you need is lingering feelings or competition in your relationship. Relationships should strive to be as ex free as possible with the exception of ex's that are now MARRIED to someone else. Dating does not count. If she doesn't talk to her ex's then she's a smart decision maker.
    • courtney06

      "Relationships should strive to be as ex free as possible " YES! I wouldn't want to keep in touch with someone I have a romantic history with while in a new relationship out of respect.

      Another exception would be if they had children together and both parents still want the the child in their lives.

  • Nashton
    The first one is SO true.

    i dated a girl who live with her mom

    she flirted with everyone. it upste me pretty bad

    so let her go. and plus she was going away to a far college.
  • stiffkittenbabelfish
    Sorry but some women are NOT lucky enough to have good Dads or good exes. Er hello? Why did those relationships not work out in the first place. Honesty shouldn't be considered a bad thing. Nor should valuing serious relationships over sex/not every sexual experience becoming a relationship. According to this list, a woman is damned if she does, damned if she doesn't, and the kind of mug who would take heed isn't of interest to me anyway.
  • Prisca
    And 7. What if she doesn't value sex because her guy is so bad at it? May be she loves him but sex becomes a process for her because he doesn't even know how to do it properly? think about that
  • TC123
    I love how people are getting mad about his listed reasons without reading the explanation(s). I wish someone would've told me a few of these six months ago.
  • nermalinda
    Issues with her mother are gonna be just as bad, if not worse. Also, all of this applies to guys as well.
  • Pumpkinspicevanilla
    I don't talk to my exes and it's because I don't think exes can be friends. It's not being damaged goods.
    • courtney06

      I thought the same thing

    • Reggieray

      I can see your point, as long as your on good terms with them. I don't think you gave to be buddies, just not enemies...

    • @Reggieray I only have two exes and I ended it politely. We all went our separate ways. That being said, my two exes would have sex with me if I offered. So there's clearly no friendship. One has a new girlfriend and still comments on how sexy I look on my instagram pics.

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  • fashionguy17
    2. She doesn't talk to her exes

    I'm not sure how that's a negative. That's a positive for me. Last time a girl I was with talked to her ex, she cheated on me with her ex.
    • courtney06

      You're right #2 is positive. I've read about many instances where someone noticed their partner was talking to their ex, only for them to cheat on them with their ex later on. Sorry that happened to you.

      To make #2 negative would be if she's constantly complaining about her ex or goes out of her way to make her ex miserable or jealous.

  • Ain_Amara
    I so disagree with #1.

    Issues with Dad? Like you guys don't have that too? And why don't you investigate why some girls just DON'T respect their fathers? Like the fact that he's not doing a good job being a role model? Or the fact that he cheats again and again? So it's a girl's fault that she disrespects him for something he does/did?

    #8. She lies? So you've never lied? So guys are saints who are honest all the time?
    • Trust me, my dad was an abusive ass and it affected my sisters in certain ways because we grew up in a loveless environment and my mom just assumed she had to stay with a jerk because that was her only option. I learned I can't treat my kids that way because if I had kids and treated them the same way I call that a wasted generation.

      A father's love for his daughter is extremely important, a parents direction and love is important, I've taken psychology and understand the effects, I have lived and breathed it, hell I even dated girls who have had issues with their fathers and I do believe it played a role of not working out. You might say, well dude if your dad was like that did you turn out that way? Honestly, at 33, I'm different now and it took years of reflection and fuck-ups to change my ways and some people aren't willing to do that. People can say, oh I want to finish university or I want to lose weight but you gotta put in the work, right? It's easier said than done. I'm not saying it's the girl's fault but let's say her father passes away by the time she's 40 and she lives til 80 well that's 40 years to change one's way, it's not healthy to harbor that much hatred for life, there are people in this world who are that bitter in life.

  • ShesSoOutThere
    A decent article. but definitely one that needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

    Especially with the first one. I have low opinion of my father because of his actions, and we don't always get along but that doesn't mean I'm crazy. A better one would be "watch how she treats her parents" or "she has a bad relationship with her parents". Then edit the content of that one a little.
    I need help, I started seeing this girl and well we have a lot of things in common and all, but just recently I asked het out well she said yes but then I find out she needed to think because I was sad all the time she said well I let her decide so it gets to now and well she finds another guy starts holding his hand and all come to find out how it struck me that she did that made me bust my hand through my wall later that night
    • courtney06

      It sounds like you need to talk to someone who can help you with insecurity and anger.

  • HelloJiro
    I know this is an old post but I agree with Miss All Time Low down at the bottom. I happen to be one of those girls without a father who is always trying so hard in relationships but guys seem to prefer girls like the ones you've mentioned in your article.
  • Live_with_Integrity
    I think some of your points are too judgmental. Whoever completely follows your guide would never be able to settle down with a girl. Who doesn’t have or ever had an issue? The most import thing is how she deals with it. I don’t think anyone should be judged base he/her past experience. One the other hand, I totally agree No.7,8 &10.

  • hammeronfire
    i need to vehemently disagree with number 2! my last girlfriend talked to her exes and she ended up cheating on me with one of them and with my friend on the same day so no no no! number 2 is absolute horse shit!
  • xxxPlayerxxx
    #1 is absolutely & positively 100% true and is definitely most important because no female with daddy issues can be in a healthy relationship with a male until she has resolved these feelings or let them go.
  • smiley8
    Haha I'm a girl and I gotta say these are pretty true lol
  • ike_69
    FIRST ONE IS AMAZINGLY TRUE !! omggggggggggggg!!!!

  • Sparda20xx
    I'm just here to see the amount of female who are triggered by this list. Lol. I do see some honest women here though.