5 Signs She Is NOT Into YOU!

1. She is slow to reply to texts consistently- when she does it's very one worded

A woman that likes a guy or is falling for him, will make sure to allocate her time to him. Any woman that takes a while to respond and makes a habit of it, is most likely not into you. Responding to longer messages with a 1 word is also a sign that she doesn't have her mind on you.

5 Signs She Is NOT Into YOU!

2. She doesn't make time for you

If she is always busy and really MIA, then maybe you should consider how much she really likes you? most women really do want to spend time with a guy they like

3. She pushes back when you kiss her

You've been dating a little bit and she still doesn't want to kiss you... lack of any sort of affection shows that she is either still unsure about you, or truly doesn't want physical attention from you

4. She doesn't laugh at your jokes

A woman that likes a guy will tend to be very warm and laugh at his jokes (although sometimes we are just trying to be nice and you're not that funny)

5. She puts in 0 effort to look good for you

If she shows up in sweatpants and a hoodie early on in the relationship to a nice venue... then she really doesn't think that things will last. Why waste good clothes and makeup on you?

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