Top Tips for Starting University/College this Year.


Top Tips for Starting University/College this Year.

1. Budget

I know it's exciting being away from home for what may be the first time ever, and you may want to go a bit wild. Just be careful you don't spend all your money within the first few weeks, because remember this needs to last you the whole term. Set yourself a budget for the week and aim to not got over it. And never take your bank card with you on a night out, it will only lead to disaster, trust me.

Check which places have cheaper deals and always check which places offer student discounts. And if you're from the UK you can sign up to Unidays and you can receive many discounts from a number of places.

Top Tips for Starting University/College this Year.

2. Missing home

You will at some stage feel homesick, you'll miss your family and the ability to see your friends. But the good news for you is that almost everyone else there is going to feel the same way at one stage or another. So rely on them after all they are your new friends and it's a perfect way to bond with them.

3. Join as many societies as possible

This is a great way to make friends, as you're going to meet people who have the same interests as you. Your university will have a broad range of societies and there's usually always something to suit everyone. And if there isn't, then why not see if you can set up your own society?

Top Tips for Starting University/College this Year.

4. Accommodation

If you're staying in the university accommodation, then this will be another way for you to meet people. When you arrive to move in, leave the door open while unpacking and make an effort to get to know the people you'll be living with all year. You don't want to block them out and then end up not talking to them all year.

5. Cooking

Take it in turns cooking, and maybe make a rota for it. This way you get to try different food and it also takes the pressure off cooking for yourself every night. Plus if you and a few others go out and do a group shop then you can find that this will save you money. It also means the dreaded washing up of the dishes can be shared out, which leads onto my next point.

6. Cleaning

Set up a cleaning rota with the people you're living with, this way it means that it's continually rotated as to who does what chores. This rota can help avoid any bitterness that may come as it means that no one is left feeling that they do all the cleaning because it's always continually rotated around.

Top Tips for Starting University/College this Year.

7. Lectures

Try to not get into a habit of missing lectures, I know it might be tempting to turn off your alarm when it's loudly informing you it's time to get up for your 9am lecture. But all these missed lectures will add up, just get up, go to the lecture and then you can come back after and get all the sleep you want. Trust me, you won't regret it.

8. Have fun

This is the most important point on this list, don't forget to have fun. I know it can be stressful being away from home and juggling all these things together. These will be some of the best days of your life and don't forget to enjoy them whilst they're happening. These next 3+ plus years are only the beginning of the rest of your life. And I guarantee you'll make at least one lifetime friend from your time here.

Top Tips for Starting University/College this Year.

Top Tips for Starting University/College this Year.
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  • Anonymous
    Id add to that that not know what you want to do can be one of the trials of life and to try things till you find something you have an aptitude for where there's good demand and once you figure out a good path for you and and start to figure things out it makes it all feel much easier but many of us take a while to find it some much longer than me.

    I studied physics and played for 2 of the university's biggest sports teams at university level (not that the sports where useful career wise but i enjoyed them and I think I was under the false impression it would show team working skills or something?) but I started to question my degree (application what i wanted to do) so I didn't really network because I hadn't figured out where to network I wasn't even sure I wanted to do the degree I graduated with.

    I did/am doing further study online (software development) not paying a cent to do it (though fees where relatively low for me and loan terms where a lot more favorable than now) and now though I may end up starting my own company potentially i'm networking with led developers , company owners and directors on a personal level through organization and events I found my self joined and volunteered with rather than just other students and lecturers.
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    • Anonymous

      Im dyslexic and didn't proofread so sorry for all the errors i'm just noticing now.

    • Anonymous

      TY for MOH !

Most Helpful Girl

  • SammyGurl
    Get a job during summer vacations to earn or significantly add to your spending money for the school year. I've done this every year, including the last three years that I've interned with my future employer. As an intern I am making the same salary as starting Engineers (Engineer 1), based on a forty hour work week, plus overtime. This has really added to the extra money, which is budgeted right along with the monthly allotted spending money. Helps a lot around the holidays and with heading home for the weekend. My guy does the same thing which really helps out our budget.

    The other money tip for College Students. Pay cash for everything you possibly can, those preditory credit cards that are almost handed out to College Students are not your friend! This gives you an advantage when you graduate and go to work, you'll be establishing yourself financially. While all those who took the credit cards and ran up easy debt, will be paying them off! Ick!!
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  • CactusJuice
    Hmm what about building good study habits? Networking, resume writing, internships. Handling test anxiety. Time management skills.
    • Anonymous

      This is moreso about the social side of it.

  • DonkeyRick69
    No1 tip. Study a degree that will lead to a job and career with good money and prospects. No point wasting $40,000 of your Parent's or college loan on a Gender studies degree only to end up as a barista as many ex college students do.Top Tips for Starting University/College this Year.Top Tips for Starting University/College this Year.
  • lovelyhoneybones
    Reasons why I'm doing community college. I get to stay home, keep all of my money, don't have to worry about making new friends or get into debt. Yay!!!

    • SammyGurl

      My guy and I did the same then transferred to the University level to complete our Bachelors degree, he just finished his Masters in Communications and I just started my Masters in Mechanical Engineering.
      I agree with your assessment of saving money at the community college level. We both took AP classes and half day at high school and college, graduating with our H. S. Diploma and Associates Degree, best part in our state they cover the Community College tuition as long as you are still in high school, saving even more money !

    • SammyGurl

      Thank You!!!

  • Lopezz1999
    Thank you! I'll be sure to join clubs and keep money in check. All high school graduates should read this!
  • Max_winner1
    I feel so sorry for you people going to University or College. May you flush your parents or banks money down the toilet.
  • doctorwhofan23
    Very good I actually wrote one 6-7 years ago on this topic.
  • Topkek1
    College is a huge waste of time and money, especially for guys, since college has become extremely hostile towards men.