What I Wish I Could Say to My Patients and Coworkers But Never Will


What I Wish I Could Say to My Patients and Coworkers But Never Will

To patients:

What I think: If you can talk, you can definitely breath.
What I say: You can't breath? I think you mean chest pain but let me get the nurse.

What I think: You have been given so much pain killers, if we gave you more, you will OD. No, the nurse is not stupid enough to give you more and most likely lose her license.
What I say: sure. I'll tell the nurse. *never does because I know that the nurse is well aware that he's an addict.*

What I think: If you attempt to grope me, I will chop off your hand.
What I say: please use the handlebar to steady yourself, not me.

What I think: For the love of god, quit calling me for stupid things. We are severely understaffed I can't waste time in here. I know you are 100% independent, you can do everything yourself, and it's important you do everything yourself. We specialize in rehabilitation. You aren't going to get better if I do everything for you. Furthermore, (yes this is the same patient) everyone knows that you call for stupid reasons so that you can get close to the female employees and sexually harass them. Now if you'll excuse me, I have patients who actually need me. If you need anything my male coworker will be in here and he makes a point to be an asshole to you.
What I say: super busy right now but my coworker who coincidentally is male, will be here.

What I think: you screamed at the top of your lungs and you just want water? Fucking water? I have five patients calling for much more important things. Are you serious?
What I say: with or without ice?

What I Wish I Could Say to My Patients and Coworkers But Never Will


What I want to say to the nurse who never does anything except when a patient is literally about to die, you need to really think long and hard about why you went in healthcare. On my first day here, you refused to give me an orientation and sat on your phone. I remember when I needed help repositioning a patient you said, "no I want to get off sometime today" and went back to scrolling on your phone.

What I say: nothing just condescending smile.

I might actually say this to all coworkers: I would wish you the best of luck in finding an employee who shows up on time and does her job, but you already had her. :) I wish I could say that it's hard for me to leave but it's not.

What I want to say to my fellow CNAs that are lazy: The only way you can be more lazy is if you were the wall in which you are leaning against. Then of course, you would be a wall providing support to a lazy coworker of mine. So in your case, the wall works harder than you. And you plan to go into Nursing? Honey, you won't make it. You have the ambition of a sloth.

What I say: Can you help with this patient? Who coincidentally is yours?

Right now, I work in a severely understaffed nursing home. Yesterday, I had sixty patients on top of having a student. Yes, sixty patients to one CNA is absolutely illegal but the company doesn't care. I now have a job at hospital in the neurosurgery unit as a CNA. I can't wait to start working there. Surgical nursing always had my heart and I can't wait to learn more about it. Plus, every person that I have met at the hospital didn't have any problem taking time out of their busy days to help me. I've heard great things about the people who work there and can't wait to be part of their team.

What I Wish I Could Say to My Patients and Coworkers But Never Will
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